Some bad habits…

Some bad habits have formed over here at Wombat Quilts.  I seem to have got out of the routine of documenting what I am up to, and in turn out of the habit of blogging.  After a stern talking too from my darling husband I am trying to get back into the swing of writing more regularly…

The good news is that I have a plenty of finished quilts to share.. because I have not blogging does not mean I have not been making….

So turning over this new/old leaf I am starting this Friday with a lovely work in progress I have just finished…

finished green star quilt

Yep my Paper Piecing Monday green star quilt is now done… thanks in part to the wonderful long arm services of Kazumi Peterson.

quilt details 5

Last week I did a talk at a local Traditional quilt guild and while preparing my talk I realised that I had given away most of my quilts…. I have kept a handful but I wanted more to show.  So there was a couple of weeks of feverish activity to get some quilts done, as well as a trip or two to my local long armer.

quilt details 2

I really love how the quilt to turned out with all those lovely 8 inch stars floating about on a sea of scrappy low volume prints…

quilt detail 6

There is a lot of work in this quilt, but doing a star a week really makes the process less daunting…

star detail

If you are crazy enough to want to make your own version the patterns for all these stars are on the blog… you can find them under the “Free Paper Piecing Patterns” tab.

quilt details 4

I love the movement that quilting gives the stars… it is just a simple all over pattern but it is really effective…

quilting details

I must admit I also love the little flying geese blocks I scattered around the border of the quilt… I am not usually one for adding borders but this quilt needed some space around it, and the three little triangles on all sides made everything all right…

flying geese details

To finish everything off I hand bound the quilt using a variety of scrappy solid and marbled greens….


This quilt also marks another finish for this quarters Finish-Along.  After a very slack first quarter I have taken a decent bite out of my WIP list, while adding only a handful of new projects to my slate!  If you want more information on the Finish-Along check out Debbie at A Quilter’s Table post… this quarter’s fun is already underway but you can always join in next quarter.  It really has been a wonderful way to keep myself focused on finishing stuff and not just making new WIPs!!!

25 thoughts on “Some bad habits…

  1. Love your green star quilt – I loved your weekly posts when you were making them and I always look forward to reading what you are up to 🙂

  2. I can totally relate to this bad habit! My problem is that sharing on Instagram is quicker and easier, so it’s my preferred share method now. But like you I’m still committed to my blog so I’m trying to remember to give it regular love too. I was wondering earlier this week how a quilt with paper pieced blocks I’ve made would look with some negative space blocks between them and now I have my answer!!! That quilt is totally delightful!

    • Instagram has been a diversion to blogging, but the new format and algorithm have annoyed me enough to let it go a little…. which should make blogging a little easier.

  3. love love love your quilt!! awesome! thank you for sharing & for the star patterns! have a great summer/winter… 🙂

  4. Oh I am so glad you are getting back into blogging because this quilt is gorgeous!! Not that I have the time at the moment but I am certainly going to bookmark these lovely star patterns for a future date.

  5. The Emerald Stars quilt is done! This needs a huge fanfare! I love what you’ve done, and most of the stars are already in my PP collection. Thank Nick for giving you back to us, I have missed your blogs badly but feared there might be a good reason for your absence. There was, but it wasn’t what I was afraid of! I hope we can look forward to a weekly post again…

    • Nick does have his value, at times… but do not tell him I said that. He is really good at kicking my butt into gear… I am have really struggled to keep blogging mainly because I have been busy – between running the Guild Charity stuff and teaching it has been a bit crazy. Email to follow with all my news…promise.

    • Sharon it is longarmed. My quilting skills are still not up to par and this was only the second quilt I have shipped out to a Long armer. I am now hooked. The results are so amazing.

  6. It is a marvelous finish! I am with you that I would rather be making than spending time blogging, but I also love telling my stories, which instagram does not really allow, the hardest thing I find is to tell the story of the progress as well as the totally awesome finish!

  7. I love this one! I love the green stars and the low volume! I think it’s funny that your husband gave you a stern talking to about not blogging! I’ve been doing the same thing, making but not blogging as often as usual. I think my husband is happier that way!

  8. Glad Nick noticed your focus had shifted. Happy you have posted but if the delay results in this lovely quilt, who are we to complain? But I do like this blog to inspire me to do more quilting after designing costumes, tatting, cross stitch and life. In fact I am hand sewing a twin size Grandmother;s Flower Garden pelt style. Thanks.

  9. I am also massively behind on blogging my makes, although I still haven’t finished most of the quilts things I have started. I need to get back into the habit of both. Love the colours of your quilt, btw.

  10. I love this quilt! As many before me have said….You are a rockstar!!! Congratulations on your finish! Thanks for participating in the 2016 FAL on behalf of the global hosts 🙂

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