More curves…

It seemed fitting to finish this week by sharing my most recent finish…which was also my first curved quilt EVER…

finished circle quilt

I started this quilt 2014 after being challenged to do some curved blocks for a quilting bee (thanks Michelle for the challenge!). For this top I used the EZ Circle ruler and the blocks are decidedly bigger than Monday’s adventure.  If you want to learn more about the making of this quilt you can check out my original post here

quilt detail 3

For this top I used a huge stack of solid scraps that I had in my stash…including Konas, Couture Cottons, Bella cottons and some American Made cottons.  I do not make a lot of solid only quilts but solids seemed like the perfect way learn to curve piece (no pattern distractions!)….

quilt detail 2

I am thrilled with how it all turned out.  I had Kazumi do some fabulous all over quilting on this baby…and I love the circles upon circles.  I was worried at first that the quilting may compete with the piecing but I think they work well together…

quilting detail 2

And there is no way I could have done anything this cool with the quilting by myself.  The quilt is backed with some fabulous IKEA fabric which seemed to compliment the crazy of the front of the quilt…

quilt back

A little scrappy binding and I have another quilt off my WIP list.  I am really rocking them this quarter… of course with some help from a very talented long arm quilter… it feels a little like cheating but I so love what Kazumi brings to my quilts.

24 thoughts on “More curves…

  1. I don’t think my comment posted, but I just love this quilt in these colors. It is now on my “Bucket List”. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. SPECTACULAR!! Fabrics, colors, and quilting are all so well planned and fit together so well. What an artist you are!! Thanks for sharing.

  3. I love this especially the colour combination, my favourite.. I also never wanted to use solids until very recently doing an Alternate ending quilt a pattern I bought on etzy. Your comment about not having to deal with pattern fabrics is so true, I hadn’t thought about that.

  4. Ahhhhsome. Love how the solids sing in this quilt. When I see something like this, I wish I had more solids in my stash!

  5. I think it’s only cheating when you don’t credit the team involved in the final product. I notice you don’t have any of the plum coloured fabric as quarter-circles, only arcs, so I’m wondering if you have another stack somewhere or if the die only cuts one half of the set? I’ve made these using templates from charm squares, so I end up with an arc and quarter-circle from each charm square.

  6. I adore the colours you’ve used – such a striking and beautiful quilt. Thanks for participating in the 2016 FAL on behalf of the global hosts 🙂

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