Charity Quilt catch up….

It has been a while since I shared some of the wonderful quilts that our Portland Modern Quilt Guild has made for our charity program… so lets start with this stunner….

andreas quilt

One of our wonderful members, Andrea, made this quilt for our local Pediatric Intensive Care Unit.  We constantly struggle to get quilts that are appropriate for boys and particularly older boys but Andrea hit this one out of the park.

curved quilt detail

I love this pattern so much but I look at it a realise that it is a little beyond my skills… all that curved piecing would drive me crazy I think.

andreas quilt detail.And lets be honest…I would be tempted to sneak some pink in there somewhere…. Another of our Guild quilts was this interesting one…

Elsas quilt

It is another quilt that is more gender neutral and it was made using orphan blocks donated to the Guild by another of our fabulous members Elsa.

patchwork quilt

Elsa does give us the best orpan blocks.  I have another bundle of her blocks that are just waiting to be made into a quilt.

The guild has also recently made a number of simpler quilts from fabric kits.  Quick and easy patterns and matching fabric has meant we could get a number of quilts made in no time…

For this quilt we pulled fat quarters and scraps that matched…

floral quilt

And for this quilt we used some fabric headers that we had been donated to the Guild…

easy simple kids quilt

This is just a selection of the quilts donated recently by the Guild….and as always thanks to everyone who helped make these beauties – fabric donators, piecers, quilters and binders all.

22 thoughts on “Charity Quilt catch up….

  1. Wow! That first one is just wonderful, completely worth getting comfortable with curved piecing, I’d say. It’s not just the blocks, the colour’s fantastic too. Mind you, they’re all gorgeous, but that one really strikes a spark for me ❤

  2. Hi Cath,
    If you’re willing to let a novice do the quilting, I just finished my first one on the longarm at Nancy’s. I’d love to do some more and can do one of the donation quilts if you want.

    • Marjorie we have tons of quilts needing quilting and always happy for people to practice on them…the kids do not care what the quilting looks like – which is lucky because I straight line most of mine.

  3. What beautiful quilts. What a shame we restrict children to a limited colour pattern on the basis of gender. That’s not a criticism of these gorgeous quilts, just an observation.

    • Aileen I agree. We deliver all sorts of quilts to the hospital and constantly ask what they need. It is the kids, who get to choose their own quilt who end up dictating what we need….and it seems older boys do not like “girly” patterns and colours.

  4. How wonderful to have such stunning work donated for such a great cause. Each of these quilts will be loved and appreciated by each recipient. I applaud and thank all of you who contribute to the Charity Quilts. Love, love, love……..

  5. The Winding Ways / Wheel of Mystery quilt is just gorgeous. Reeaaally amazing work! Also love the second quilt. You can all be very proud of all your charity work.

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