Cotton & Steel is my new obsession…

I have a confession to make… I am obsessed with Cotton and Steel fabrics.  I have been hoarding (and using) them a lot lately.  Today I am sharing one of the many C&S quilts I have made lately…

cotton steel cross quilt

This quilt used tons and tons of different Cotton & Steel Prints – actually there is a print from every fabric line they have released… all cut into 3 1/2 inch squares.  I must admit I cheated a bit and used my Accuquilt cutter to cut all the fabric which made things much quicker.

cotton steel cross quilt 2

Because so many of the C&S fabric lines have the same or similar color stories it makes it easy to mix and match all the fabric…

cs quilt detail 2

And oh the fussy cut potential.  I had so much fun. All the blocks have a navy blue center and there is a plethora of low volume goodness as well…

cs cross detail

I quilted this quilt myself on my Bernina and using my walking foot.  I just followed my seam lines… simple but serviceable for this simple patchwork quilt.

cs cross quilt detail

Again I raided my stash for a backing fabric and found some fun IKEA fabric to play with…

quilt back

…and no matter how much I try I can not get Mr Wombat to put his pinkies down.  No amount of pleading or bribery is working…

Quilt details:

Fabric:  Cotton & Steel various lines
Block:  Simple nine patch cross
Quilt Size:  54 x 54 inches

22 thoughts on “Cotton & Steel is my new obsession…

  1. Oh, this quilt is very cool (I love the backing)! I don’t have any C&S in my stash, but I think I need to get some! I didn’t notice the pinkies until you mentioned it. Haha, now it makes me giggle.

  2. Lovely quilt, lovely fabric… Tell Mr Wombat you’ll fold those fingers down and secure them with pretty purple Wonder clips if he’s not careful 😉 I have to say, it is a slightly offbeat trait for someone with a generous personality like Mr W, something I associate more with genteel spinsters sipping tea from bone china. Trying to visualise him in that role… nah.

  3. Pinkies! What fun….sometimes our Misters just don’t listen. I love this quilt and its simplicity but the fun result you get.

  4. I can see why you are obsessed with the company’s fabrics. One word – YUM! Mr.Wombat is merely trying to elevate your work. Let him know, he does not have to. The quilts speak for themselves.

  5. Love this signature pinkies. I think if c & s as having more unusual colors and yet you made such a beautiful and brightly colored quilt! Thanks for sharing this beauty. I need to go back and see their colors with a different eye. I also love c & s for the consistent whimsy and cool selvages. So many prints have extra deep selvages with fun quotes. That could be a quilt design all on its own! One of my favorites is “onion and things”… what is that about!?

  6. Oh I like this alot! I have SO MUCH C+S and want to do a compilation quilt too but haven’t decided WHAT. This is lovely.

  7. I somehow am never drawn to C&S, but maybe you have the secret, “the more the merrier” because this is lovely. And we thank Mr. Wombat for sharing his quilt holding skilz, regardless of pinky position. Although I’m not sure how the Olympic judging committee might feel about those pinkies.

  8. All navy blue centers – great idea! I’d love to try an Accuquilt and didn’t know you could fussy cut with one. Another winner on your C+S quilt!

  9. Lovely quilt! I think the pinkies look a bit as if the quilt has grown horns. I guess it is another charity quilt and I love the idea that it will not only give comfort but that those horns will also add strength to the recipient and help “fight off stuff”.

  10. I have a C+S addiction too !! love your quilt – sometimes simple is just the best and this one is gorgeous. Love the backing print too and you are so lucky to have Mr W hold your quilts – I have to find spots where I can lay them down or otherwise use clips to hold them up to take photos !!

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