I was not joking about my new obsession…

Last week I said had a Cotton and Steel…and to prove it here is Exhibit B….

hop skip jump cs quilt

This pretty little thing was made using a pattern from V & Co called Hop Skip Jump.  It is just one block but two different color ways to give the scattered affect.

Cotton steel quilt

The prints are all Cotton and Steel prints, of course with Kona Snow background….

hop skip detail

The block is made up of half square triangles and broken dishes sections…. I became quite proficient at matching my points by the end of this process.  I may have cheated a little by using glue basting to match my seams for the broken dishes section of the block… but don’t tell anyone!

hop skip detail 2

What I really love about the Cotton and Steel selection in this quilt is their “kind of grey” color that they use.  It is not quite a grey and not quite a bone color.  It is really a unique color shade that they use over and over again in their prints.  I must admit my stash of this color took a big hit with this quilt particularly because…

cs quilt back

I used a swath of it on the back.   This print did not work in the block so I kept it whole on the back.  I know the typewriters are the wrong way but I love them anyway… and as always the kid that gets this quilt is not going to care at all.


Pattern:  Hop Skip Jump by V & Co
Fabric:  Assorted Cotton & Steel prints and Kona Snow
Finished size:  60 x 72 inches
Expert quilt holding:  Mr Wombat

22 thoughts on “I was not joking about my new obsession…

    • I have struggled finding a grey I like…and find doing scrappy grey things difficult because they tend to read either warm or cool with very few neutral toned ones. The Cotton & Steel grey is a good alternative.

  1. It’s gorgeous, and I particularly like the scattering of reversed blocks, which remind me of fruit flavoured lollies called Spangles, a favourite of my childhood. I think you should patent some quilt-holding clips shaped like hands with Mr W’s trademark ‘pinkies aloft’. So much more interesting than bulldog clips…

  2. I have been mulling over a quilt similar but only in my head, thanks for the lovely vision for me!! Its just wonderful!! I am a total Cotton and Steel junkie too.Do you have a name for the grey color? Thank you, adding you to my blog “saves”.

    • Diane they call it grey but it is not quite a grey. Most of the prints I used were from their Black and White collections. They do a true grey but this colour has a bit of brown/bone in it and they call it Cloud in their basics line – Dottie and Metallic Notorious. Hope that helps.

  3. I’ve been following your blogs for several years, love your style, & your quilts, but mr. wombat’s pinkies add the finishing touch!

  4. I love the quilt! the collections really do look great together and don’t get me started on the mural you used for photography… Also thanks for the pattern idea/link. xo

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