Time flies when you’re…

Avoiding blogging… I am not sure why I am finding it so hard to get into the rhythm of blogging again but I really am.  I have had photos that I have wanted to post since Summer and I have just found every excuse I could to just not post…. until today.

Today I got a lovely note from someone who follows my blog who was just checking in with me to see if I was okay.  I had kind of forgotten that people liked my quilts and missed my posts.  I had convinced myself that no one really was missing my blog in the sea of things to do/read/look at.  It was a nice reminder that there are a few people out there who like what I do.

So without further… for the Sandra’s out there… here is a quilt I made last year that I have been meaning to share…

find the quilt

This quilt was a store sample that I made for Modern Domestic from Elizabeth Hartman’s fabric and pattern.

Potted plant quilt

I do not usually post photos of my store samples but I loved this quilt.  It was so easy to put together and turned out better than I could have hoped…

plant detail

The plants are darling and such a fun idea.  The quilt did get me into a little bit of trouble as I kept talking about the “pot plant” quilt.   Now where I come from a pot plant is a potted plant… a plant in a pot.  Unfortunately I realized too late that in Portland it meant something a little different…. everyone thought I was taking about a Pot plant (aka. a marijuana plant)… whoops.

quilting detail

Things really did get lost in translation with this one.  What did not get lost on this quilt is the amazing quilting that my colleague Lane did on this piece.  He used the store’s Bernina Q20 and did some amazing ruler work on this piece.  This was one of his early pieces as he was learning to use the long arm machines.  If this was one of his first quilts you can imagine what his quilting is like now.  He is a natural… and I am only a little jealous of his quilting skills.

pot plant quilt

I make all my store samples with everyone involved knowing that they will end up at the local hospital’s PICU.  I hope the kid that gets this quilt loves it as much as I do.

Quilt Details

Quilt Size:  44 x 44
Pattern:   Green House by Elizabeth Hartman
Fabric:  Terranium by Robert Kaufman

52 thoughts on “Time flies when you’re…

  1. I long ago unsubscribed to blogs I don’t thoroughly enjoy reading! I am always grateful but never expectant for your posts, as I let my blog go dark because the pressure to produce content ruined it for me.

    • There really is a pressure isn’t there. I have so many quilts finished – some photographed some not yet – that I do want to share. But this time now pressure…I am doing it for fun.

  2. Glad you are back. Stunning quilt. One of my favorite sayings is ” what is ths color of the sky in your world”. Love your sky.

  3. Great pattern and quilt so all green thumb challenged quilters can have a garden. Inventive quilting and love your back drop. Hope this signals your return to the blogging world as your lovely quilts were missed. What a wonderfully generous gift of all your sample quilts.

  4. You’re back, you’re back! There are many of us out here who have missed you and are sad that you seem to have dropped out of the blogosphere. I remember you telling me that you found IG much more user friendly, so I thought that was where you were probably hanging out these days. I’m so glad you’ve decided to post again.
    That’s a ridiculously cute quilt – I’d have called them pot plants too, and so would everyone I know, so maybe it’s a Portland thing. Glad to see Mr Wombat is still Pinkie King. Say hi for me.

  5. What a lovely littlte quilt… in German it would be potplant too. I don’t know either why it is so hard to return to blogging… my blog is very lonesome too since I am at Instagram… IG makes it easy to post, get and stay in touch to people with same interests. But on the other hand – compared to blogging IG is kind of ‘fast food’ … isn’t it?

  6. You are BACK!!!!! I have missed your posts. Love the quilt and had a good chuckle over the pot plant vs. potted plant. Please consider maybe a monthly post to start back up????

  7. Love seeing your work and I’ve missed your posts too! Enjoy reading about your projects (whenever you are able post them). Really like the quilting on this cute little quilt. Nice work by both of you!

  8. I’m glad you are back too! I’m in the same boat! I have so many projects (two years worth) to post, but I just haven’t been doing it! I love to do it to keep a ‘dairy’ of everything I’ve made, but finding time can be hard! I’ve just started back this year and it’s nice to get these projects posted! Love this one. I love the quilting! especially the ground. It’s very architectural, as that’s how we graphically represent dirt at the building! Let’s do this blogging thing again! 🙂

    • I like that other people have been getting back to blogging too. It is such a good record of our work, particularly if we give our quilts away. All that said I have been loving seeing your Improv work in Instagram. It has been so inspiring.

  9. I’m always glad to see something new pop up from you! Your work frequently inspires me 😀 And I’m cracking up about the pot plant… I was an exchange student in Australia back in the 80’s. When my first host-father (an avid greenhouse and cactus gardener) invited me into the backyard to see his “pot plants” I wondered what I’d got myself into!

    No pressure, but I’m hoping to see more of you on your blog 😀

  10. Welcome back, and don’t feel bad that you’ve been gone, but good that you’re back, however often–or not–that may be. When I saw your email today it was the first I opened, because I’ve always enjoyed your posts. Will be looking forward to more, but no pressure here–I’m still trying to get my first quilt for ME made! As for Instagram…I rarely go out for fast food….

  11. Time does fly as I hadn’t realised how long it had been since I last saw your blog. I had a bad year last year and then we moved house so I have not done any sewing or needlework all year. I have a new sewing room to set up but love the inspiration you give me to get back into it. Welcome back 🙂

  12. Still here and still reading, whenever you’d like to post. No pressure. I appreciate people still willo g to blog because i love to read your stories!

  13. So glad you are back! You are always inspiring to me and this quilt is just another example. I am not a blogger myself, but yours is one is especially like for inspiration, your honesty and of course the fact we are both Portlanders!

  14. What a lovely quilt! The kid will sure be so happy 🙂 And thanks for the background story pot plants – I am still smiling. And the quilting is really amazing. Great teamwork! But where/ how do you find all those beautiful murrals (is that the correct word) to photograph your quilts in front of… What a beautiful location.

    PS: Glad you are back.

    • Hi Melanie. A couple of years ago the city lifted its ban on Murals and they started popping up all over the city. We have a strong art scene in Portland and it is now visible every where which is wonderful.

  15. So nice to hear from you. If it is not fun then don’t do it!!! Life is too short to do things cuz you
    ‘autta’ The quilt is lovely. Thanks for sharing.

  16. So happy to see you are back!!! I enjoy your blog so much, and I’ve been hoping you are well. I am always amazed at your creativity, fabric choices, and designs. You make a difference to so many people.

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