Return of the pinkies…

Yep you heard that right… the pinkies are back after an extended vacation…

solid wonky star. Modern quilt.  Quilt bee block. Scrap quilt.

We made the most of the brief bout of sunny weather here in the Pacific Northwest and took some finished quilt photos over the summer.  I actually wanted to take all the quilts I had to photograph (about 12) to Hawaii with us on holiday but Mr Wombat did not like that idea.  So instead we stayed local.

wonky star quilt

I choose this as the first quilt to share with you after such a long break because I LOVE it.  It is so bright and fun.  It was made a one of our Portland Modern Quilt Guild charity sew days from my large stash of 3 1/2 inch solid squares.

solid wonky star detail

I process all the small scraps I make and am given into 3 1/2 or 5 inch squares using my trusty Accquilt cutter.  It has made charity sew days so much easier for me having the Go Cutter to work with… I have spent many a happy evening cutting bits of fabric while watching trashy tv….somehow I am less guilty watching bad TV if I am doing something constructive while doing it.

quilting detail

The blocks are 12 inch finished blocks and use a 4 x 4 grid or 3 1/2 inch squares.  They are so easy to make and even though there were at least 12 people making these blocks I had no trouble matching seams.

quilt feet

This was truly a team effort with PMQG members sewing the blocks, quilting the quilt and binding this beauty up…. and finally Mr Wombat helping with the photography and supplying the quilt feet and of course…

the pinkies

The pinkies…. this was the last quilt we photographed and by the time we found this great yellow wall he was pretty close to divorcing me… but all has been forgiven now.

Quilt Details:

Block:  12 inch wonky star variation
Fabric:  Kona and RJR solid scraps
Size:  60 x 72 inches

33 thoughts on “Return of the pinkies…

  1. Oh, this really is a beauty. Lovely to hear from you again after your break, and I’m looking forward to seeing a few more quilt photos! Oh, and I know exactly what you mean about justifying trashy TV-watching by doing useful stuff at the same time. I sew EPP hexies using scraps from my Days for Girls sewing group, which they’d otherwise be throwing out.

  2. Yeah Yeah this is very very fun and pretty, I love it.
    This is a treasure.
    We do watch tv in the evening and I am always doing two other things at the same time
    The latest crazy show we watched was Mr Strange and Mr Morrell on Netflix.
    Before that a hilarious French movie called Au Service de la France.

    • Mr Wombat and I just had a conversation at Mr Strange. We have the book, which is huge and neither of us have finished reading it. We were going to get rid of it but decided one of us should finish it. I volunteered to watch the TV show and Mr Wombat is going to slog thru the book.

  3. Beautiful colours and I love the randomness of the squares – the back-drop was just right – well done Mr Pinkie πŸ™‚

  4. Good to see the pinkies (and toes) once again, but really, I’m here for the quilts, and I wasn’t disappointed. Glad Mr. Pinky decided to stick with you, after all that searching for the perfect wall. LOL

  5. What a lovely quilt. I didn’t realise the blocks were made from solids, the super quilting makes the fabrics look as though they are patterned. Gorgeous colours!

  6. Really cool quilt. Mom used to have quilting sessions, I remember playing under the quilt while the ladies alksewed and talked. Keep up the good work

  7. I am in love with your quilt! Every detail! Even the toes and pinkies are a plus…. I must get to sorting my scraps and make myself one of these! And I’m so glad you’re back, too.

  8. You are first on my favorited list of quilt blogs and it was so nice to see you back again! Thanks for all you share. You and your quilt have made my day brighter!

  9. This is beautiful. And the yellow wall, along with the pinkies and toes of course, really enhances the photograph. It is the perfect background for such a bright cheerful quilt. Glad you are back to posting. Looking forward to seeing more quilt pictures in the near future. Hope this means you are feeling better.

  10. Welcome back! What a lovely and bright quilt! As for the divorce over finding the right place to photograph this quilt…it was worth the trouble. Love the pinkie poses.

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