It is not easy being green…

First of all I want to thank everyone who reached out to me after my last post. I was scared to post about what was going on with me personally but you all made me feel so loved and supported… thank you… you may have even made my mum tear up a bit.

Now onto the business at hand… quilts.  Today I am sharing a recent Do Good Stitches finish.  This one was a simple block that chose for the Bee… you can see directions on making it here

DGS green quilt

This quilt top came together quickly, once I had received all the blocks from my fellow DGS peeps…

green quilt detail 3

I want to use the palette I selected for this project again… but this time I want to just use the colors with no white…it is such a fresh color scheme and I want to really get the citron to pop.


On Pinteres I have a whole folder full of color schemes and I love taking inspiration for how other people put together palettes… particularly when I am having a color block (which is a quilters equivalent to writers block).

green quilt detail

I also find it easy to point my fellow quilting bee mates in the direction of a color palette when setting a block for them to make…. and so far the results have been spot on.

green quilt detail 4

I got a wonderful mix of colors back from my team and also a variety of tones… does anyone else use other peoples colour palettes?

green quilt detail 2

I had fallen a little behind with my Do Good Stitches finishes so this quilt got an all over stipple… thanks to my darling friend Sam Hunter… and a Martha Stewart sheet for the back…

quilt back

This quilt has already headed to the local PICU and is hopefully giving a warm Quilty hug to someone.

Quilt Details:

Block:  12 inch Double T block
Made by: DGS Hope Circle
Fabric:  Green, turquoise and citron scraps
Finished size:  48 x 60 inches

12 thoughts on “It is not easy being green…

  1. Love this quilt! I never used to put very much green in my quilts, but find that green is making its way into more of my projects, with a more prominent presence…thanks for sharing this quilt!!!
    I hope this finds you having a good day!

  2. Somehow I missed your last post. I’m assuming it’s never too late for words of encouragement and share thoughts that I hope this phase will pass, even if not as quickly as one might like. It’s amazing how delicate and how sturdy our human forms are. Here’s trusting that yours will achieve the delicate balance it previously had, and that you’ll be surrounded with grace and compassion until it does.

    And yes, I love checking out other color palettes from people, it helps me see things in new ways and be braver than I might otherwise when picking my own colors.

  3. I love this one! It’s not a palette I’d ever pick for myself, but I’m learning to love other people’s choices now that I’ve started F2F up again. It can be amazing to work with colours you thought you disliked, only to end up liking them a lot in the end. And I agree that Pinterest is a fertile source of colour inspiration, particularly if you don’t only look at fabric and quilts – I like interiors, landscapes and flowers to kick start my ideas. Sending you a big hug and hopes for continued, noticeable improvement every day. xxx

  4. I too missed you’re last post. I’m a retired registered nurse and I’m always amazed as I cared for so many patients who had so much strength and courage as they pressed on toward their healing. I saw loving friends and family, a strong faith, and a special passion in life seemed to be as important (if not more important) as their physicians.

    I absolutely love your quilts. This one encourages me to try green again. And the previous quilt is just pure joy to look at. And we all look for that pinkie! God bless and special thanks as you use your quilting talents for your beautiful donation quilts. I just saw a video from Missouri Star Quilts today
    telling of the thousands of donation quilts they have recently received and how they handled them. Must admit I was reaching for the box of tissues as I thought of the thousands of quilters who responded to the call for disaster quilts. Thousands of loving hearts and helping hands out there.

  5. This is definitely a color palette I would not pick for myself but that looks so great. The idea of using it without white sounds bold and a lot of fun. Go for it 🙂

    And pinning them on Pinterest is a great way for future musing, pondering & hopefully picking an inspiration.

    PS: Love the backing sheet. So cute and fun and a great contrast but also fitting to the front. xo

  6. Cath, this is a green beauty! The palette is fun and works perfectly!
    I’d noticed your absence in blogging and am sorry to hear of the reason (yikes) and happy to know you’re getting better. Take care!

  7. LOVE the colors. When I get stuck (quilts or costumes), I pick up a cooking magazine. Or a gardening magazine to find new color combos. Love Mr. Wombat’s pinkie in the air, kind of his trademark now.

  8. This is my first visit to your blog. First off, I’m so sorry about your neuro troubles. Hang in there, you’ll be OK. Keep up your quilting therapy!! Your work is amazing and inspiring. Thanks for sharing!

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