Starry Night Paper Piecing Monday

First of all I have to explain, for those of you that do not know me, I have the attention span of a gnat.  I get bored easily and always have more ideas than I have time.  With this revelation in mind I hope you will forgive me for putting aside my pastel paper piecing blocks and starting a new project… Starry Night.

paper pieced star quilt block

I had the idea for this series of blocks the other day while watching an episode of “Face Off” and after seeing Quilts of a Feathers fabulous WIP Tardis quilt, and just had to run with it. Then I discovered that Quilting on the Square had added a six more free blocks to it’s Compass collection and it seemed like Kismet.  I promptly picked the Rolling Compass block pattern (block3countryregister) and went to work.

Starry night block pieces

Another fairly simple star pattern with just 40 pieces, but once again the scraps make it look more complex than it is.  I think this is going to be a fun quilt to make.

ps.  last night my husband did a very technical spreadsheet thingy and choose a winner of Give Away. Congrats to Melintheattic.  A bundle of fun goodies will be winging their way to you soon.  And thanks to everyone for the kind comments left on the site… made me feel all mushy.