Rainbow I Spy Quilt done and dusted

Week two of October and I have another quilt finished despite some walking foot hiccups and a Briar Rose obsession.  This week’s Project Linus finish is a little bit of a cheat – I pulled an old unfinished top out of the cupboard and quilted it up.  But it is still a finish and still counts… right?

Rainbow I spy quilt

I made the top for this quilt about 3 years ago and finishing it up was an interesting exercise which showed me how much my piecing has improved.  All over this quilt there are seams that just do not align…

wonky alighnment

A simple square quilt and my edges are squiffy.  I am a little embarrassed but pleased to say that I have got better over the years.  Plus the small mistakes here and there do not detract from the fun of this quilt.

quilt detail

The colours are bright and the fabric is varied.  There is so much to see in this quilt, it is going to make for a wicked game or two of “I Spy”.  And it is was so easy to put together, lots of 4 1/2 inch blocks in a graduating colour scale.

block detail The quilting is simple… more straight lines.  The backing is also simple, another IKEA fabric (part of a 100% cotton duvet cover).

quilt back

All finished off with  some purple binding.

quilt binding

I know this binding is a little crazy but I was out of solid navy fabric, which is my usual go to binding for a rainbow quilt. But now I have excuse to go shopping.  YIPPEE!