Lost Geese Quilt top finished

This week I managed to get my “Shell logo” inspired flying geese quilt top finished.  By the time I had finished laying out this quilt top it had earned the name “Lost Geese”, can you guess why?

modern scrap flying geese quilt

Yep is it a little crazy… but kind of fun.  Lots of novelty fabric and fun stuff to make the eyes really explore the madness.

lost geese quilt detail cu

I had a lot of fun making the “geese” go all over the place. I love the lack of pattern or rhythm to the piecing (though it frustrated my husband a little).  Too really throw things into disarray I added a smattering of yellow triangles on a red background.  Chaos rules!

modern flying geese scrap quilt

I paper pieced these blocks as I love to have sharp clear triangles in my flying geese and paper piecing is the only way I personally can get that precision. My original post has a paper piecing pattern you can grab if you are interested in trying some geese.

back lit quilt detail

This top has been added to the pile that need basting.  I am going to see if I can convince my hubby to help me again this weekend to baste a quilt or two.