A quilted container – WIP Wednesday

In my sewing career I have made hundreds of quilts and one fancy dress costume. Once or twice I have hemmed or mended a few clothing items on the sewing machine but that is absolutely it, until this week.

Rewind a little bit to last month’s Portland Modern Quilting Guild meeting where a new swap was proposed. I had never participated in a swap before, they scare me a little – you have to do something on deadline to please someone else. Too much pressure for me. Last month though, thru a combination of pain medication and peer pressure I said yes to making a quilted container.

Fast forward to this week. I need the container for Thursday’s meeting and I had not even started. I had spent weeks procrastinating and convincing myself I could not do this. With time running out I bite the proverbial bullet and started. The Guild website had helpfully linked to a number of free tutorials, so I picked one – 1/4″ Mark.com’s quilted bucket and went to work.

Step one.. I selected some unused blocks to use in the body of the bucket. These paper pieced stars set the colour scheme for the finished piece

paper pieced star blocks

Step two
… I made the bottom of the bucket (this step also involved spray basting my fingers together)

Step 1

Step three
… I did some maths (the hardest part of the whole darn process), deconstructed the blocks and made the body of the bucket.

Step 3

Step four, five and possibly six
… quilted the bucket body, then pinned the bottom piece to the body piece.

Step 3b

Which resulted in this…

step 4

Step seven
… turned the outside piece inside out and attached handles

bucket handles

Steps eight to twelve
… selected lining fabric, cut bottom and side bits, sewed them together, turned them inside out and sewed them to the quilted outer piece. By this stage I was loosing the will to live, but bravely carried on.

last step

Step two hundred and six five
… nearly finished… I pulled the quilted part through a small 2 inch whole left in the lining part to reveal this…

Finsihed quilted bucket

My finished bucket. The sides of the bucket are 12 inches and the base is 8 3/4 inches. I think if I was to make it again I would make the sides a little smaller but other than that I am pleased with the finished product. So pleased I took lots and lots of photos…

finished bucket 5

finished bucket 2

Really lots and lots…

details 2

From lots of different angles….

finihsed bucket 4

bottom of bucket

Just to document the achievement of having made a quilty thing that was not a quilt…