Paper Piecing Monday

Today’s pattern is a fun one I think, and the one that looks most like a compass.

final block

For the regulars you know the drill… the Quilting on the Sqaure pattern can be found here block10holidaycompass   This block is a great one to add to your collection I think.

The block was easy to make, as again each piece is the same.   I must admit I have a couple of blocks that I have started only to realise I have sewn the wrong colour in the wrong place, despite my expert colour coding system!  A few of them I have unpicked and fixed and a few of them I had made such a mess I have abandoned them.

paper piecing pattern

I also promised a look at how they are/or are not coming together as a quilt.  So here you go….

compas star work in progress

What do you think?

6 thoughts on “Paper Piecing Monday

    • I can recommend paper piecing. I have done a lot of quilts this way over the years, mainly because I am not that patient/accurate for the detailed quilt blocks without the paper guide.

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