Night & Day quilt – Work in Progress Wednesday

Having just finished my gretchen block quilt top I decided that I wanted to do another modern take on a traditional quilt block.  I settled on making the night & day quilt block using a grey and green color palette.

day & night finished quilt block

I am doing another paper piecing scrap quilt.  I am really enjoying paper piecing again after 4 years of not doing even one foundation block/paper pattern.  You can find  quiltcache’s version of the Night and Day pattern here

paper piecing patten

I am only a day into this quilt and have already made a few blocks and a lot of mess.  My work station is awash with grey and green fabric and my husband is now pulling grey thread off his shirts rather than the white he usually has to contend with.

quilt work in progress.

I am really excited about how this quilt looks, even at this early stage.  I am going to work hard to get it finished in the next week or so and promise to post the final quilt when it is done.

10 thoughts on “Night & Day quilt – Work in Progress Wednesday

    • As I am making more of the blocks I am working to get more darks and lights into them., more colour variety. My preference is always for bright and emerald is the best and the brightest!

  1. I saw your WIP post and had to keep looking to see more of this quilt. I love the colors and the block. I think I have made this block before for a swap of some kind. Yours is sew beautiful, it makes me want to pull out my green and gray fabrics and start sewing. I must resist, though, as I have too many projects going right now to start another. So I shall have to come back and visit you and enjoy your quilt. Thanks for sharing … 🙂 Pat

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