Low volume Log cabin finished

Late last night, while watching fabulously trashy TV, I finally finished up my low volume log cabin quilt.  I am thrilled with the end result, even though I doubted myself a few times during the process.

low volume log cabin quiltThis is my second low volume quilt.  My first one was made up of simple square blocks, this one I decided to do a log cabin block.  My previous post can be found here and here.   I love the log cabin block and was inspired to use this traditional pattern by Susan Beal’s wonderful book Modern Log Cabin Quilting.  This pattern allowed me to really (a) raid my scraps and (b) include an amazing number of fabrics.

finished quilt detail

For this quilt I did use a paper piecing pattern and  you can find a similar one here thanks to quilterscache.com.  For non paper piercers Connecting Threads  has a great log cabin tutorial (with videos and all) which can be found here.

log cabin block detailMy two low volume quilts have been a challenge for me.  As you can tell from my other quilts I love colour and contrast and with low volume I was well and truly out of my comfort zone.   What was not a challenge, this time, was the quilting.  I decided to just run vertical lines down the quilt, using the block’s lines as a guide for my walking foot.  It was a lot  quilting/stitching (more tthan I usually do), but the end result is what makes me really love this quilt.  I can not wait to see how it puckers after washing!

quilting detail

I used a single fabric print for the backing – a charming Kaffe Fassett floral which worked nicely withe the gentle tone of the front of the quilt. I finished the quilt with some scrappy grey binding, just the right colour to bring the whole thing together.

binding detail

14 thoughts on “Low volume Log cabin finished

  1. Beautiful – It has a real antique feel to it – please post pictures after you wash it…I love the crinkly look of quilts! Good Job!

    • Hi. The block was 8 1/2 inches square with seam allowance for an 8 inch finished block. The center block was 3 inches with seam allowance. The strips of fabric were 1 3/4 inches wide with seam allowance. Hope that helps.

      • Yes, I love the quilt and have some fabrics that would be similar. If you make it too big, it looks wrong and if you make it to small it looks wrong. I like 8″ blocks. Yours looks Just Right! Thanks,

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  3. HI Cath I recently heard the term low volume quilt and began wondering what it meant. Google led me to your posting. I’m thinking of making some small low volume quilts to cover electrical panels in the room where I meditate.

  4. Log Cabin is an unusual pattern for a baby quilt. The color choices are fantastic however.
    What is your all time favorite pattern?
    I rarely use a pattern, all most all of mine are my own design. I never make the same quilt twice. I have so many ideas in my head and in my sketch book that I don’t have time to make a repeat.
    Again, this log cabin quilt is lovely!

    • Less I love a good log cabin and have played with this block several times. Like you I have so many ideas that mostly I make different blocks each quilt, unless it is a charity quilt and then I will do simple patchwork squares a lot. In the end I just want to have fun playing with the colour and fabric.

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