Paper Piecing Monday

Welcome to part 12 of paper piecing Monday.  My husband asked me how many stars I am going to make for this quilt, he was a little scared I was not going to stop!.  I decided that 20 was the number to aim for.  It will make a 4 block x 5 block quilt which will be a nice size for some kid.

This week I have one of the last compass squares from Quilting on the Square.

Finished paper piecing star 12

The paper piecing pattern can be found here Block_9_Compass_of_Many_colors.

I changed the pattern a little, choosing to use the stripped fabric instead of using another lot of background fabric.  I wanted to try and get a star that was a little different from some of the others I had done.

star 11 paper piecing pieces

The pattern involves 80 pieces of fabric made into 8 triangles.  The finished block is 12 inches (like all the blocks I have posted so far).  I threw the stars together to show you a very rough work in progress shot. I am not sure that it all works together yet, but hope as more blocks are added it will start to look more cohesive.

WIP Compass star quilt

11 thoughts on “Paper Piecing Monday

  1. I love each and every one of the gorgeous blocks you have created! I am looking forward to seeing the completed quilt top. It makes me wish I knew how to paper piece! Really amazing!

  2. Hi, I just found your blog and love this series! You are making a beautiful quilt. I wonder how long the quilting on the square blocks are going to be up on their site…

    • I was not sure how long Quilting on the Square would keep the patterns up so I have made sure that a PDF of them all is on my site. That way no matter what, people who want them can get them.

  3. This has to be my favourite block! It looks like there are little bunting flags across it. The blocks are all looking so fabulous together!

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