Paper Piecing Monday – Tardis edition

After finally finishing my epic red/aqua compass star blocks, I was set to launch my latest “sampler” selection for Paper Piecing Monday.  Then I found a silly pattern on-line and just had to do it.

I do not usually do novelty or “object” paper piecing but when I found a Tardis pattern on Fandom Stitches I just had to give it a try.  The pattern is a little confusing (some of the colour coding is not quite right and some of the pieces are not quite big enough) but I stumbled around and made it work.

For those of you that do not know what the Tardis is Wikipedia states:     The TARDIS[nb 1][1] (/ˈtɑːdɪs/ (Time and Relative Dimension in Space)[nb 2] is a time machine and spacecraft in the British science fiction television programme Doctor Who and its associated spin-offs.

Tardis quilt block

This block is 6 1/2 inches square and contains some of the smallest bits of fabric I have ever paper pieced with.  I decided to make this block in a moment of insanity.  It was the same insanity that said “use prints not solids”.

When I showed my husband he said “great, now you only have to make another 99”.  I can confidently say that is not going to happen. My next Tardis related quilt adventure, when it happens,  will be an adaptation of this strange plastic thing I made at a recent trip to a kids science museum.

Tardis 2I think it will make a great template for a quilt… using 4 inch squares and not tiny bits of fabric!

11 thoughts on “Paper Piecing Monday – Tardis edition

  1. I am in the process of designing a large tardis quilt for my 14yo Dr. Who fanatical son! Hope to get it done this summer sometime. 🙂

  2. Making a quilt based on the TARDIS is right up there on my to-do list. I had no idea anyone else in the world would have even considered the idea until a little bit of internet searching made me realise Dr Who related sewing and crafting projects are plentiful and world-wide.

    Well done on your block.

    Are you the Dr Who fan in your house? If so, prepare for withdrawals, Sunday night’s show was the season finale. Maybe I’ll miss it so much it will prompt me to get started on my quilt, or with with the cold weather really starting to kick in now, maybe I will have to knit myself the Doctor #4 scarf that I remember from my childhood.

    • We are a Dr Who family. We are a couple of weeks behind in our viewing so I have at least two episodes before the depression sets in. Last year I went back andvstartedvre-watching the Rose/David Tennant episodes while quilting. It helped.

  3. Fantastic Tardis. I found Fandom just the other day and printed off the batman logo for my nephew who loves it. Then I realised just how small some of the pieces are…. I think I’ll have to build myself up to it – but your tardis is certainly pushing me in the right direction!

    • I must admit I thought about printing out the Tardis pattern, scanning it into the computer and using photoshop to make it bigger. I do not have access to a photocopier I can increase the size on!

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