Let’s Get Acquainted Blog Hop

I am really pleased to be part of Plum & June’s “Let’s Get Acquainted Blog Hop” and I can not believe it is my turn to post already.    I have had such a great time checking out everyone’s post each week and finding new inspiration and new friends.

How did you get into quilting?

I started quilting after watching “How to Make An American Quilt” on video.  I was recovering from a car accident and quilting was the perfect way to keep me out of trouble.  I did not have anyone to teach me so I read some books and made lots and lots of mistakes.  This is the first quilt top I every finished –  I still have not quilted it, and I am not sure I ever will…

heart quilt top

My first ever quilt top… circa 1997

My quilting skills have grown  over the years, particularly after I moved to the States in 2006.  I found wonderful wise older quilters at Project Linus who taught me how to bind my quilts properly, how to sew my bits of batting together (nothing goes to waste), and how to make a whole pile of interesting traditional blocks.  I also  found the Portland Modern Quilting Guild who taught me how to English paper piece, how to make creative quilt backs and most importantly that there is no right or wrong in quilting.

What do you love about quilting?

My favorite part of the process is design phase.  I love to play with colour and pattern.

quilt block mosaic

My colour and fabric choices are linked to the second thing I love about quilting, which is giving the quilts away.  When I started quilting all those years ago my sister was a oncology nurse at the local children’s hospital.  She was doing so much good and I felt like I wanted to contribute as well, the only problem was I hate hospitals and faint at the sight of blood.   My solution was to make quilts for her chemo kids.  Bright, fun, loud, interesting quilts.  I have over the years made hundreds of quilts for children in hospitals in Australia, England and now Portland.  90% of my creations are given away to kids/people I do not know but who I hope get some comfort out of them.

I also love to paper piece.  In the beginning of my quilting adventure I found paper piecing was the easiest way for me to get accurate blocks.  I am not the most precise person, and paper piecing allows me to achieve blocks and quilts that would be otherwise out of my range.

Paper Piecing Monday blocks

Paper Piecing Monday blocks

Why did you start a blog?

There were two reason I started this blog:

1.  To force myself to take photos and document the quilts I was making and giving away.

2.  To force myself to try new things.

finished quilts tops 3

So far the blog has succeeded in both of these areas but has also given me the added bonus of linking into an amazing world-wide community of quilters who support me, encourage me and keep me honest.

As for my blogs name… I am not sure why I choose Wombat Quilts but it seemed like a good idea at the time.  Just in case you have not seen one, this what a wombat looks like…


What are you working on now?

I must admit I have way too many projects in progress.    My currently priorities are:

  1. My Paper Piecing Monday Brights quilt
  2. My Star Crossed quilt
  3. My Blush log cabin quilt
  4. My hexagon floral quilt

working on now

A little bit about me…

1.  I have dual citizenship – I was born in England to Australian parents…. but consider myself Australian.

2.  Two years ago I married an amazing American man, much to the surprise of my family who had given up on me ever marrying.

3.  For 15+ years I developed and produced animated feature films in the UK and USA.

4.  I have lived in four different countries in my life – Australia, Israel, England and the USA.

5. I hate being photographed (you may have worked this out from the fact that there is no photo of me on this site!)

Now that I have written one of my longest posts EVER…. go check out these other amazing bloggers who are part of this weeks hop.

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89 thoughts on “Let’s Get Acquainted Blog Hop

  1. What lovelies you have made! 🙂 I especially love those paper pieced stars- those are going to make a fantastic quilt. It’s so nice to meet you!

    Wombats are kinda cute. I never knew! Thanks for that 🙂

  2. Loved reading your post and getting to know you a bit! I always love popping by and seeing what you’re up to. You have a fabulous eye for colour and of course I’m drawn to your paper piecing blocks 😉

  3. Wow all your projects are beautiful! Your paper piecing is awesome! Love it! it is nice to meet you and I am already a follower!

  4. Hi Catherine,
    I have been lurking around your blog for a while now admiring your lovely work. Your sister is my sister-in-law and that is kind of cool 🙂

  5. Loved reading more about you, Cath! So glad you were one of the first bloggers I ever commented on! I have learned so much from seeing your quilts and you inspired me to start paper piecing. I love all of your quilts – basically because you are the master of color! Great post!!

  6. Brilliant eye for color, hilarious, *and* you’ve got a heart of gold? Shame on your family for giving up hope that you’d marry! (Also, at the risk of sounding redundant: hilarious).

    😉 Lovely to learn more about you. I can relate to your resistance to being photographed (that’s why my face is curiously obscured in what is now the only photo of myself on my own blog, hah!)

  7. Pingback: Quilts kids and rock’n’roll 7.12.13 | melintheattic

    • I must admit there is something very liberating in knowing you are giving the quilt away. If the pattern does not work how you envisioned it, or the colours are not quite right or your blocks are a little crocked you know one one is going to appreciate it. It forces you to let go and move on.

  8. Scrolling through your post was like scrolling through my favorites on flickr, I have so much of your stuff favorited!! I’m definitely going to be following your blog now that I know where you were hiding. 🙂 (Not that you were really hiding, but sometimes flickr can be a bit anonymous) So much beautiful work!! I love your color choices and all the paper-piecing. 😀

  9. I love,love,love your paper pieced blocks. The colors are just perfect. We could at least see a pic of the top of your head or your eyes maybe? lol. You know a quilt WOMBAT is a Waste Of Material Batting And Time, but you and your quilts are not any of those. So great to get to know you. Look forward to following.

  10. So Nice to get to know you better! I love the teal and red Monday Blocks, they are absolutely stunning! I also love that you give many of your quilts away, I think that is a great practice and I bet those kids love those quilts! Look forward to checking out your blog more!

  11. Oh, you MUST quilt your ‘first quilt’! It is so sad and forlorn with no back. It is wonderful to meet you. Your work is colorful and loving!

  12. I am glad to know your story, and a little bit more about you. I love your blog because you aren’t afraid of lots and lots of color, and you’re very skilled at using it effectively. I think my favorite thing that you’ve done is your Sunburnt Country quilt. I can’t stop thinking about it!

  13. Lovely to get to know you better after following you for a while now – your Monday brights Icky Thump block inspired me to try one of my own that I’ll be blogging about soon. I just loved your teal and gray version!!

  14. Great post, Cath! You know we all love those bright, beautiful blocks that are your signature! Your paper piecing is obviously your passion, too. Have been following you since I began blogging myself, but I am sew glad you are in the new blogger hop as it has given me the opportunity to get to know you a little more.


  15. I enjoyed your post very much and love how much colour you use in your designs. I imagine the people who receive your quilts are instantly cheered at the sight of them. Nice to meet you on the hop!

  16. Thanks for the great post! I think the thing that comes out most in this post are the fantastic colors you choose for your quilts! I am also a lover of paper piecing for the exact reason you mention. Great to meet you on this hop!!

  17. Great post! I love how bright and colourful your quilts are! You are very generous to give away so many quilts – I am sure they make a big difference for the recipients! Nice to meet you!

  18. Wow, your work is amazing. But more impressive than that, is the fact you have so generously shared your quilts with so many. Wow, again. I would love to paper piece more. Your work is inspirational!

  19. What a great introduction, you have so much great work on display here, especially the paper piecing. out of your latest stuff, My Blush log cabin quilt is a great block – I love it.

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  21. What a great post! You have made some amazing blocks. I am super jealous because that is my least favorite part of quilting and I think probably because I am such a perfectionist! You have done a really great job!

    • I should send you some of my pile of unfinished quilts then lol. I make the quilt tops then struggle to finish the quilts, usually because I have had another idea for a block/top and I want to start it right away.

  22. Nice to meet you on the hope!! I love your facts about you and your paper piecing is amazing…anyone who paper pieces like that is my hero. 😉 Your quilts are lovely and that is SO awesome you give so many away to kids in need. Inspiring!

  23. Your use of color is amazing! your blocks and quilts are so bright and cheerful, i’m sure those who receive them are very happy.

  24. I am in awe of quilters who do paper piecing and am still trying to work up the courage. Your paper piecing is amazing, gives me a little push closer to giving it a try. Thanks for sharing so much of yourself – and for showing me the wombat, I had no idea! Glad to have met you thru the hop.

  25. My post got deleted – shoot. Gorgeous quilts. I love the paper piecing. It’s a wonderful method, although challenging. Loved meeting you on the hop.

  26. It’s so nice to meet you through the blog hop! I am floored by the number of quilts you’ve given away–what a lovely thing to do! Which animated films did you work on?

  27. A friend of mine just posted a photo of themselves holding a baby wombat on Facebook and then I see your wombat photo. Love your paper piecing projects. They are gorgeous! I really need to get on the paper piecing bandwagon. I keep seeing a ton of beautiful patterns but am too chicken to actually try any of them out.

    • Amanda you should definitely try paper piecing. It is an easy challenge, with little commitment of resources. Just pick a block, pull some scraps and see how you go. It is one of those processes you either like doing or you don’t. The end results can be fabulous. Good luck and may the pp force be with you!

  28. Wow, some gorgeous quilts and I am in love with your paper piecing. I have yet to try any but it looks soooo pretty:)

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