Getting back in the swing…

After a month or so of being off my game I am pleased to say I have FINALLY finished a quilt top.    Pausing for applause.                 I can not believe that the last time I posted a finished quilt/quilt top was the end of May.

So without further ado… here she is.

modern scrap log cabin quilt top

Yep I finished my Blush log cabin quilt top.  I first posted about this block a couple of weeks ago… here.   I wanted to make a quilt that used peach/apricot fabric, having seen a post on a Modern quilt site about how you should NOT use apricot in modern quilts.  I really do love hearing that you should NOT do something, it just makes me want to do whatever I am not meant to do.  (This feeling may possibly be the result of having an Army Colonel for a father).

My response was to find a way to make the colour work.  I pulled this stash of fabric and started playing.

fabric for blush block

After a false start or two I got it to work… with this block.

modern scrap log cabin block

Which turned into this…

modern scrap log cabin block

Scrappy modern fabulous fun.  And I think the peach/apricot fabric works perfectly.  It is not at all dated or dowdy.

blush quilt detailThe fabulous array of pink and purple scraps help.   What are your thoughts on the often maligned apricot/peach?  Have your used it in your modern quilts?


59 thoughts on “Getting back in the swing…

  1. You are very naughty, go to the back of the class!
    Joking aside, I think it’s beautiful. I like apricot/peach, they’re warm and cheerful colours.

  2. OMG …no apricot in Modern Quilting, must have missed that one it’s a favourite of mine! Love the colours in your quilt, it’s so pretty and I can spy some of my top fabric choices in there.

  3. Love this quilt! Such pretty colors, and you really made them work well together! I am not an orange or pink person, but this quilt is just awesome, can’t wait to see how you quilt it!

  4. Shame on whoever said nay to apricot! I’m currently working on a top that has splashes of peachy-ness and I love it…much like I love your top!

  5. I love these colours! Peach is a very now colour- there are lots of peach clothes in the shops at the moment! And it looks very pretty in your quilt.

  6. So three walls in my room are orange/coral and the other apricot so I really love it 🙂 your quilt is stunning and I feel modern quilters are people who dare to be original not people who follow dos and donts

  7. Awesome! Poor peach 🙂 I’m not a peach fan (too much in the 80s) but I would never suggest it couldn’t be in a quilt. And coral is gorgeous.

  8. I don´t like apricot/peach! (I tried to give my apricot fabrics away), but with this mix of colors it´s great!!!
    Thank´s for showing that it can be a fantastic colorcombo!
    Also thanks for your kind comment in my blog.

  9. Yikes! No one told me that — you should see what I’ve been working on! But then I’m not really going for “modern” in my project anyway. Yours looks great _and_ modern.

  10. I love it…all the colors work so well together. I, too, firmly believe if told something shouldn’t be done, then it needs to be done at least once. Then again, it may be that mine is an Air Force dad.

  11. Much applause! Yay for getting back into the swing of things!

    I have never heard of not using apricot/peach in modern quilts – that’s a thing?! I don’t think I have used it much just because they aren’t colours I favour. But I love how you worked yours into the colour scheme. It’s gorgeous, and very modern 🙂

  12. A woman after my own heart Cath………..if someone told me Not to use colours ………..I would definitely want to use them. Your quilt is gorgeous and I love the colour choice. Marie

  13. I love the colors! It is the same group of colors that I took tons of pictures of at Universal Islands of Adventure, in the Seuss area, hoping to use them for a quilt someday. I think it’s more about how the colors and fabrics are used than the colors themselves.

    • I think you are right about the colour. I know it can be used very traditionally and can be muddy and dowdy. You do not see it too much in modern quilts but that can change.

  14. Wow, love the colours, I’m a purple and pink lover and it goes so well with the apricots that I’m going to have to try the colour combo myself!
    And I never listen to the colour Nazis either…
    Thanks for sharing!

  15. Standing and clapping over here! Just gorgeous, and good on you for proving “them” wrong!
    When i was picking out my fabrics for my Indian Summer quilt i purposely avoided all the peachy prints thinking that i didn’t like them, then after i received my fabrics in the mail i went out and bulked up the stack with peachy colours… turns out i do like them!
    Can’t wait to see this one finished up, any ideas for quilting yet?

  16. I’m with you on the whole: say I won’t, I will. Yep. Love the quilt. I’m a sucker for log cabins and these colors are perfection. Great finish, cath!!

  17. You know, I have no problem when people make rules like that for themselves. Sometimes it is just a taste thing or personal narrative thing. re: “I will not use apricot fabrics in my modern quilt because it reminds me of one my grandmother had on her antique bed” Could be that quilter just doesn’t like apricot. Totally fine. Like you though, it bugs me when people made broad sweeping “rules” to apply to everyone. You showed them, this is perfect and I love it! Congrats on the finish!

  18. Your quilt is very, very bright. I think the peach blends with the other colors very nicely. Good job!

    I used to love apricot/peach but then my neighbor painted her house peach and I didn’t like the color so much. We moved away and I find I’m falling in love with peach all over again. Since I don’t seem to make quilts of a particular genre (modern, Civil War, etc.) I don’t pay much attention to who says what’s okay to use or not. I just go with what I like. I’m thinking of a quilt with peach/apricot, creamy yellow, pink, and possibly a pale blue/green. We’ll see if I try it or not.

  19. OK, I wish you would have tattled about who said don’t do apricot. Because seriously?! It’s like a little squeeze of lemon juice over all those sweet pinks and purples. Congrats on a finished top! (And I love apricot. Now I’m mad. And curious.)

    • The first time I heard it as a rule was when a friend was doing a Modern Quilt Bee. It was in the rules along with do not use fabric from Joann et al. I have seen it again discussed on a what makes a modern quilt discussion.

  20. I still trying to wrap my head around “don’t use peach/apricot” since, uh tons of VERY modern fabric lines contain it? It makes no sense. *shakes head* Anyway, your quilt top is lovely! : )

    • I agree that there are some lovely modern lines with peach/apricot but not that many. I discovered how lacking the colour is when I went to find some to supplement my meager collection. Moda’s Posy was the only one I could find. That and Pearl bracelets.

  21. Sorry about that, the iPod decided to go right ahead and comment!
    I didn’t know that apricots and peaches weren’t allowed, but I did notice they were hard to find. I’ve been toying with them and think they work nicely with greys and also navy blues (another colour which isn’t very popular at the moment!). Peach is defo on my to do list!

  22. Oh, good heavens. No apricot in modern quilts? Where the &*(&* did that come from? Thought the modern folks were all about do your own thing, no rules, etc. I am with you. Someone tells me no and that is the direction I go in. I love orange and apricot is a lighter version of my favorite color. I especially like it with red violet and apple green. You go, girl!

    P.S> I just discovered your blog from one of your followers – redflannelpantry.

  23. Love this color palate and your top is so beautiful with the log cabin blocks!! You pulled off using Apricot in your quilt wonderfully if I do say so myself! Glad you didn’t let a stupid article hold you back, you used it to inspire you!

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