Words that keep you going…

Today the member of the Portland/Vancouver Project Linus group were sent a thank you email and I thought I would share a part of it…

You know sometimes I think all your precious ladies might get tired of making quilts day after day. After a while you think why do I keep doing this?

I want you to know that the little boy and the little girl that are going to get one of your quilts today don’t know that you have already make 100’s and 100’s of quilts each. They don’t know how tired of fabric and sewing you are. What they do know is that someone or ones who are very special made something just for them! Someone loved them enough to make these special and beautiful quilts and knitted blankets.

Their eyes dance and their pain subsides for awhile as they relish the treasure they were just given!

IMG_1464Notes like this remind me of why I quilt and why I give most of my creations away.   I am now heading back to the sewing machine, with a renewed sense of purpose.

15 thoughts on “Words that keep you going…

    • I can highly recommend making a charity quilt. It is strange/hard at first to send the quilt out into the world not knowing where it will end up, but it does something for the soul that can not be measured.

  1. As far as my quilting ability goes, I have so far only started 3 quilts, all with a particular recipient in mind, and I am yet to finish any. But when I do, I am thinking quilt #4 may very well be a charity quilt. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Absolutely beautiful. Thank you for sharing this with us – and inspiring me. I want to get more involved with charity quilts – I think yours are all so beautiful and I can’t imagine how much joy you bring to others. They do feel incredibly lucky and loved, but I know your heart is happy too – glad you got to read this note to know how treasured your gifts are!

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