Off Galavanting…

For the last four days or so I have been off gallivanting with my husband in Canada.  We took the Thanksgiving break to drive up to Vancouver Island and spend some quality off line time together.   November has been a crazy month with my husband deciding to write a novel in November (nanowrmo) as well as grow a mustache.  This has meant I have not seen much of my him this month and when I have I have not always recognized him!

As we left Portland on our adventure a friend commented that it is great that Nick will not be distracted by writing and I would not be distracted by quilting… my husband just laughed, he knew I had packed this…

heaxagon travel kit

My trusty hexagon kit.  Yes I somehow managed to quilt while on vacation in the middle of nowhere.  I industriously made a stack of hexagons…

hexagons nov 2013

and also some more flowers…

english paper pieced hexagons

which will all be added to the ongoing crazy which is my hexagon quilt.

modern hexagon quilt

It has grown a little bit since I last photographed it.

hexagon quilt detail nov 2013

There is no rhyme or reason to how I am adding the flowers… I just add randomly.  It is kind of fun.

hexagon quilt detail 2 nov 2013I am loving making this quilt…though it is slow going.  There is something about hand stitching I find very therapeutic.

hexagon quilt detail 3 nov 2013

I will get back to the sewing machine this week but I am not in a hurry… and if you were curious as to just how dodgy my husband looks with a mustache…..

vancover vacationThe answer is very dodgy!



31 thoughts on “Off Galavanting…

    • The colours are loud and bright… and sometimes I think they might be a little too much (which I why I added some grey flowers) but in the end it should be a pretty good reflection of my fabric stash.

  1. Beautiful hexagon quilt, husband not too scary… I love your colour choices and the way you’ve used black and white in the centres to calm things down a bit. I love your travel sewing kit too – I’m in the middle of designing myself something which will be allowed on planes for long distance trips – no scissors, no blades, etc, and as small and light as possible.

      • Good to know – I’ll keep a lookout for something similar. We’re planning a trip to the West Indies in April next year, 32 hours of travelling, and I’ll go mad on the plane if I have nothing to do except eat and watch movies and read. Hence the sewing kit, which is going to be part of a larger On Board kit also containing my laptop, camera, block folder, DVD case (for movies) and my travel docs folder. The finished thing will be posted… eventually!

  2. Your color choices always cheer me up! I’ve very recently discovered the joy of hexie-making – love seeing your progress on this beauty!

  3. What a fun trip! Whenever my hubby grows facial hair he likes to rub his face on me cuz he knows I don’t like it! He only doesn’t shave when he is off from work for more than a few days though so that is good;)

    • It was Movember… a couple of our friends decided to do it and only two of them made it to the end. I am hoping the moustache is shaved off soon, but at the moment he is threatening to keep it FOREVER. Augh!

  4. Hi Cath! Your heaxagons are adorable! Do you really add them randomly? I just can’t do that – always I start to look that same colours don’t ‘touch’ for example. I like you plan to use white/black in the centres. x Teje

    • Teje I am aware of colour placement when I attach a new flower to my top but I try not to sweat it too much. In the beginning I was getting bogged down by trying to get the colour placement just right. Now I just have fun with it.

  5. It’s always nice to go galavanting ~ love Vancouver Island.
    And, I love the hexagon quilt you’re working on ~ so bright and cheerful!

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