Baby it’s cold outside…

I woke up this morning to find that Portland is covered in a lovely layer of snow.  This does not happen often, and as an Aussie it still absolutely delights me.  I was jumping round the house opening all the curtains and gleefully claiming “ohhh it is so pretty”.  Then I realised I needed to photograph my quilt this morning.  Glee gone.

As much as I love snow I am not a huge fan of being cold.  But I rugged up, 4 layers deep, put on some gloves and bravely ventured out to photography my just finished quilt top.

easy paper pieced quilt top

This was the perfect quilt to photograph in the snow, and I have decided to call the quilt “Icicles”…it seemed like a fitting title.

icle quilt in snow

This quilt is a Do.good.stitches project.  I recently joined the “Hope Circle” and when it was my turn to set the block I knew exactly what I wanted to do.

Icle quilt detail We used Julie at 627Handworks “Icky Thump” block – one of the easiest and most effective paper piecing patterns EVER.  You can find the free pattern here  and my original post here.icicle quilt detail 3I love how much variety there is in this quilt.  If I had made all the blocks myself the quilt top would not be this interesting – I would have stuck with light greys and turquoises.  The wonderful ladies of my quilt circle instead provided me with such wonderful blocks, such variation in greys that the quilt really sings.  icicle quilt top detailI can not wait to get the back made and the quilt finished.

49 thoughts on “Baby it’s cold outside…

  1. I haven’t been a fan of grey, but you’re turning me around. I love this one and see making this same pattern, but in different colors. You actually get a lot more snow in Portland than we do in Seattle. It’s cold, but sunny and clear here.

    • It took me ages to get use to the sun shining and it being freezing. As an Aussie I associate sun with heat. It makes me smile ever time I have to wear sunglasses and 6 layers of clothing.

  2. Very lovely, Cath. The subtle variety of fabrics and shades is extremely appealing. And I love your inspiration for taking a shot this in the snow! Warm and cold at the same time!

  3. Awesome quilt!! Love the colors and pattern. Snow days are great for photography because you get so much natural reflection from the snow. My sewing room is alight today(we got about 5″ in Albuquerque) , I am so loving the snow we have!

  4. How does the quilt look after the photo “sitting”? It is lovely in the photo.
    I love the look of the many near-color fabrics. While a Bee or swap helps that, it is also a good excuse to go shopping. 🙂

  5. Gorgeous quilt! We haven’t snow here, but the trees have a lovely glazing of ice on them…. Treacherous, but pretty.

  6. Gorgeous quilt. I am also chuckling about your glee at the snow. I remember being just the same when I lived in the northern hemisphere, while the locals, for who snow had long ago ceased to be a fun novelty, looked at me, bouncing with excitement and wanting to go out and play in it, and thought I was crazy.

  7. Love the colours! “Icicles” is the perfect name for this winter quilt. I’ve never seen snow, myself, and it seems like it’s going to be another hot Christmas in Australia, so I can see why you would be delighted. Enjoy your winter Christmas.

    • I miss the hot summers of Oz, there is nothing like lounging by the pool on Christmas Day. Bu a white Christmas is so so pretty and Santa’s costume makes sense more sense here. Who wears fur in summer?

  8. This is incredible! I am currently working on a quilt with similar colors and absolutely adore the combo. Thanks for sharing this! Someone will really love this and be very lucky to have it!

  9. oh gosh ~ I love this quilt! thanks for the link to the block ~ think it’s going to have to go on my ‘list of things to do’ for next year!

  10. Boy, this sure is a wonderful quilt. The colors are outstanding. The snow is the perfect setting for such an aptly named quilt. I checked out the paper piecing pattern and looking at the original, would never have made it because the colors didn’t appeal to me. Your version certainly changed my mind.

    • It is amazing how patterns can look so different depending on what colours and fabric you use. I think that is the wonder of quilting. Your creative choices can make such a difference.

  11. Amazing colour choices – I love how this quilt looks so different the closer you get to it – amazing shapes and colour blends from far away, beautiful detailed fabrics from close up. Gorgeous!

    • I love the complexity of this simple block too. You can also arrange the pieces that make up the block in different ways to make a completely different over all pattern. It really is too fun.

  12. Gorgeous quilt top Cath. Love the colours and the pattern. Perfect for snowy weather. It has been unbelievably cold in Melb. Thank goodness it is warming up today!

  13. I was thinking “wow! That looks great with the snow!” Then I read that you noticed too, haha! Gorgeous top, I love it! And good for you braving the cold, I gave up and took pictures inside!

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