Block Rock’n Sampler quilt

After a year of Paper Piecing Monday I have finally finished a quilt from my Monday blocks.  I am very proud to present my Block Rock’n sampler quilt top.

modern sampler quilt

All these blocks are from Julie at 627Handwork’s fabulous free Block Rock’n  pattern collection.  There are only two blocks from her collection missing from this quilt – my Icky Thump block became part of the beautiful Icicle quilt and Julie’s Floyd block which I have not made yet.

Block rockn quilt detail

For the record my favourite block is this beauty….

Block Rockn favourite block

For the quilting of this lovely , I went with diagonal lines, which seemed appropriate with the off center block placement I went with.

Block Rockn quilt detail 2

For the backing I found some fabulously outrageous IKEA fabric in my stash which was just perfect.   The photo does not do these neon lips justice.

Block Rockn Quilt back

The final touch was some solid Kona grey binding, which was attached using the sewing machine.  I figured that this quilt might get a lot of love (and stains) and wanted it to be as durable as possible.  Machine binding, though not as pretty  as hand binding, in my opinion, does add some sturdiness.

Block Rockn binding

I seriously love how this quilt came together… so much so that it is staying with me.  It is going to be our couch quilt and I am soooooo excited.

Technique:  Scrap paper piecing
Block size:  12 x 12 blocks
Finished size:  57″ x 60″



28 thoughts on “Block Rock’n Sampler quilt

  1. Seriously gorgeous. You have totally inspired me to do some paper piecing, probably with some of the blocks you’ve posted. I have triplets arriving in the family in April. They’re each going to get a plain white quilt with one brightly coloured block on it, offset and a matching back. I just love the bright colours against the grey. What a clever thing you are…

  2. You’ve done it again – terrific job, Cath! I’m so taken with your paper-piecing and the toning-down the grey fabric does. I’m going to have to watch for some grey stuff!

  3. Just gorgeous! I may need to steal your idea here in it’s entirety, right down to the grey with bright blocks. Love every last bit of this Cath! (and what a perfect choice for the back!)

  4. I keep coming back to gaze at your quilt! What a delightful thing it is! I love the brights sparkling against the grey background. Hey! Did you receive my tiny parcel of fabric? I got yours and I treasure it!!!! Thank you again.

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