More Tula Pink fun

I am still a little in holiday mode this week and have been taking things easier – which means no marathon sewing sessions or fabric cutting frenzies.  What better to do in this relaxed state, than make a few more blocks for my City Sampler quilt.

work space

Back in May I started making blocks from Tula Pink’s “100 Modern Quilt Blocks“.  I loved the slow easy pace of making one block at a time – leisurely cutting the block pieces, then making the block, then moving onto the next.  I made a dozen or so blocks in my first run and then put them aside.  This week I added a few more blocks to the collection…

Block No 5….

Tula Pink 100 modern quilt blocks

My favorite No. 14..

Tula Pink city sampler block

No. 28…

Block 28 by Wombat Quilts

And the fabulously obnoxious, the “I probably should have thrown in a solid”, No. 18….

Block 18 by wombat quilts

Every time I add another block to this sampler it changes.   I was playing with some of the blocks on the design wall, just to see how it was coming together and this is what I came up with….

Tula pink city sampler blocks

For the finished quilt I think I will be sashing around the blocks as it is the best way to  let each blocks breath and shine.  So 16 blocks down…only 84 to go!

35 thoughts on “More Tula Pink fun

  1. This is the first set of the sampler blocks that actually makes me want to get on board and do it too! I’m not big on pink, but I love your fabric choices and placements! Are those grey feather fabric the Allison Glass? I need to tell Santa to bring me some, love it!

  2. I think you’re right about the sashing. They’re gorgeous blocks, but up close together they don’t sing their own song, and they deserve to! Love the grey Aboriginal Spot – I have that twice in my current quilt project, in two colourways!

  3. So lovely Cath! Seeing yours and others blocks is making me want to start anotherproject… Darn peer pressure lol. I love the little sprinkles of novelty fabrics in there 🙂

    • Liz I have fully embraced the novelty fabrics. The last couple of blocks have been pure novelty crazy. I envisioned this quilt going to a little girl hence the abundance of pink and the stray deer, mushroom, bird, flower, mermaid, doll etc.

    • It really is a different quilting process to just make one block at a time. I am so used to mass producing the same block for a quilt (except for PP Monday blocks which are their own crazy beast).

  4. Oh wow Cath, these are beautiful! I love the pink and grey color scheme, too. Are you sticking with that throughout? Wonderful work!

  5. This quilt is going to be so wonderful. I like the sashing idea, each block is so great but kind of lose their oomph when placed together. I’m really loving the colors you’ve chosen.

  6. Ha ha, I feel better about my catch up now!! Your blocks look so cute…I love those fabrics…I had that cloud9 little creatures fabric in turquoise but its all gone now, so sad. Look forward to seeing the rest 🙂

  7. Those tula pink blocks look great, I have 42 sewn so far but am eager to get back to it in January it is a wonderful book and I am loving the blocks. The pieces are so small it is a great way to use scraps too:-)

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