Snowflakes paper piecing Monday style

This week I have taken a break from my Starry Nights to make a quilt block for Nicole at Modern Handcraft.  As part of the ScrapBeelicious Bee, Nicole asked for Christmas inspired blocks which put me into an absolute blind panic.

You see the truth is I do not understand Christmas quilts.  It may be because where I am from it tends to be about 90 degrees + on Christmas day and a quilt is the last thing on earth you want anywhere near you.  It may be because I do not understand making a quilt that you use, at most, one month of the year.  Do not get me wrong, I LOVE Christmas, I just do not get Christmas quilts.

So with that in mind I pondered what to do for this month’s blocks…. and this is what I came up with.

Carol Doak paper pieced star

A scrappy snowflake star.  Nicole did say her colours where white, grey and red.  Okay it does not scream Christmas but it is very pretty.  I mashed up two of Carol Doak’s patterns again from her “50 Fabulous Paper Pieced Star” book – this time Oklahoma and Ohio.  My pieces count on this one is 100 – the Oklahoma block is a little fiddly.

block pieces

My next block for Nicole will be a more festive… which means I will throw in some red and maybe some green for good measure.

37 thoughts on “Snowflakes paper piecing Monday style

  1. Christmas quilts make a good tablecloth when it is 90+ outside. I’ve seen some folks make two sided quilts – one side is Christmas and the other for another season.
    Still, you block is beautiful and does look like a lovely snowflake.

    • I agree. Hate to make something to hang in closet until Christmas. Quilts should be used all the time, even in Canada.

  2. Yeah I don’t get them either (and I’m not that into xmas to begin with, haha). Your block is very pretty and will surely give a nice touch to the quilt!

  3. Wow, beautiful block… They get better and better 🙂 it’s funny you saying that about Christmas quilts cos I was thinking the same. Just considering my (possible) Xmas table runner and the fact that I will feel compelled to use it throughout the year!

  4. Holy crapoly, woman – 100 pieces?!?!?!!!! I am awed and inspired as well as humbled – I want to do this, too!! These greys are stunners – well done, you!! I worked on wonky triangles PP strips today – very fast and not at all fiddly.

  5. I LOVE it! It’s so perfectly a snowflake!!! Wonderful combination. I have that Carol Doak book and I’m looking forward to “mashing” some of them together. You are doing a sensational job of it.

  6. I like the grey as it makes me think of icy snowflakes.
    I too struggle to understand Christmas quilts as it is often over 37C (100F) here on Christmas Day. We dash out of the air-conditioning for a quick swim in the pool. I agree with Pat, though, that they make great tablecloths; my sewing group had several draped over the picnic tables at our recent end-of-year picnic. (Her double-sided idea is pure genius.)

  7. I really like this block…it’s not obnoxiously red and green. Can I get away with saying that? And I’ve never mashed up patterns either…think of what I’m missing 😦

  8. I’m so over seeing heaps of red, white, gold and green fabrics in Spotlight (remember Spotlight from Australia?). Your snowflake is delicate, subtle, pretty and cool looking, and I think it’s perfect. In fact, I’d like to see a whole quilt of snowflakes. You could snuggle up warm under a blanket of snow… I’m thinking it would go well with my 90+C Christmas decor, which is white, silver and pink! You’re a very talented lady!

    • Oh pink is exactly what it needs. I had a blast in Spotlight when I was home in March. Picked up May Gibbs fabric and the DS Quolts Aussie line. It was expensive though…really friggin expensive.

      • Oh yeah, isn’t it just. I’m very jealous of the great price of fabrics in the US, not to mention how much cheaper good sewing machines are. But I love that snowflake. If I weren’t in the middle of two other quilts, I’d be tempted to have a go.

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