Starry night goes small…

I  struggled this week to find some paper pieced patterns that would give me small (think 4 inches) but interesting stars.  My quilt definitely needs some size variety and I am not insane enough to shrink down one of the more complex patterns to a tiny size…even I have limits.    After a little bit of searching I found a version of this star….

small paper pieced star block

The original pattern is from A Little Bit of Biased’s Paper Piecing Tutorial.   I adapted the pattern a little to add a bit more complexity and ended up with this..

wonky scrap star pattern

The shape of this star is so different from my other stars and it has a lovely wonky feel.   As the block was so simple, I of course had to make two.

Tiny starry night block 1

What a difference from last week…my complex 100 piece snowflake is followed by a simple 13 piece tiny star.  What will next week bring?

14 thoughts on “Starry night goes small…

  1. I’m waiting impatiently to see the start of the layout. Smaller stars are a great idea, it’ll help to bring movement to the arrangement, and they are wonderfully individual and wonky!

    • In another couple of weeks I will start playing with the layout again. I need some more stars to really see how it is going…plus my puddly little design wall is full at the moment. Soon I promise Kate.

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