In the pink….

This week I am starting on a new paper piecing adventure.   It will not be a long one, but hopefully it will be fun.  The coming series of blocks is inspired by the impending arrival of a friends baby…

free paper piece patternYep they are having a girl…I wanted to do a quick, scrappy fun quilt for them using snowball blocks.    I have designed five 12 inch blocks for this quilt and for a change, I have an idea of what the final quilt will look like!

quilt block parts

This first block takes 48 pieces of fabric to make and as you can tell I full embraced the novelty print and pretty pink.  Just so that it did not get to sweet and girly I added some dinosaurs just for good measure!  You can find the free PDF pattern here….Pink ball one

I hope you will indulge me and my love of pink over the following few weeks as I work to get this quilt done!

24 thoughts on “In the pink….

  1. This just might be the project for me. I have been wanting to try paper piecing for awhile now. Plus I have been stash building lately and I have got carried away with the colour pink!!!! I love your colour choices. Must be the Queenslander in you! It’s a bit more drab here in Victoria!

    • I definitely call myself a Queenslander… even now I am in the USA. I do think my colour taste and choices are heavily influenced by Australia…the intensity of the sun in QLD makes everything thing look loud and bright!

      • I married a Queenslander and lived there for two years ( Atherton). I definitely noticed that people dressed brighter! That’s where I started quilting.

  2. I made this block, but I reduced it to 33% to get a 4 inch block. It is a gorgeous block, but the center gets a bit bulky for all the points. I am still going to search for some good blocks to do in mini sizes.

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