Colour Play – Brown

Last weekend, while my husband was away on a “dude’s weekend” I took the opportunity to clean up my stash a little. Needless to say there was fabric from one end of the house to the other… it looked like a fabulous colourful fabric bomb had gone off. During this process I realized I had somehow accumulated a decent size stash of brown fabric. I am still not sure how this happened as brown is definitely not a colour I use at all, ever, but now I had found it I of course had to use it.

I love a good challenge and finding good uses for brown fabric is a perfect challenge for 2014. Fired up it took me less than 5 minutes to find some inspiration in my house, and the game was on.

This inspiration, a glass vase….

glass vase

became this fabric pull…

fabric pull

The pattern I chose was a fabulously simple free paper piecing number from Quilters Cache… the Fly Foot 2 .

block pieces

Which when you do alternating colour blocks turns out like this…

WQ chocolate shoo fly block

These blocks when added to other blocks make this amazing plaid like pattern…

wq chocolate shoo fly quilt wip

For the first time in my quilting life I have used brown as a predominate colour and I love the results. There will be more brown combinations in my future… so stay tuned.

50 thoughts on “Colour Play – Brown

    • The blocks feel very autumnal and warm. I am trying to ignore the cold weather but I have to admit I am jealous of your snow. We have cold but no snow. Snow makes cold more fun for us Aussies that have never been caught in a blizzard or had frost bite!

    • Who knew there was such great brown fabrics out there. I think the guitar print is the only brown novelty fabric I have in my stash… hmm I hear an excuse to go fabric shopping coming on! Thanks Ashley.

  1. I’m never really drawn to the brown either, but have had a kind of beige rusticy quilt in mind for a while now. I love your take on it, the colours have a real sixties feel 🙂

    • It is a crazy weird obsession combined with an inability to be really really precise with normal piecing. I can get results with paper piecing I can not get with normal piecing. I suppose it is kind of a cheat!

  2. Love the colors and the pattern you chose–although those are not colors I would immediately chose either. That step between the fabric pull and what to do with it always throws me a bit.

    • I get stumped every now and then by what pattern to use… but I treat these colour play exercises as test runs on ideas. If I like the result I make the quilt, if it does not work I find another use for the blocks or pull them apart.

  3. This reminds me of a piece of fabric I hung on the wall over my waterbed in the 70’s. LOVE IT! It’s so much fun to do a little colour exploration outside of the statis quo.

  4. Thanks for sharing! I love the secondary pattern that emerges.

    Just an FYI – your link to the pattern doesn’t quite work. It will work if the “http:/” at the end is removed.

  5. It’s lovely; everything you do is amazing! I’m not fond of brown, either, but I like it with the oranges you’ve chosen, and also with a pale aqua. 🙂

  6. This is so gorgeous! I love this pattern, and probably wouldn’t have found it myself. Thank you! I’m thinking its going to be great as a quilt for my mother in law. She recently tried to steal my yellow quilt, so I’m going to have to make her one of her own I think.

  7. Hey, that’s not fair! Your browns are modern and fun unlike many of us in the rest of the world!
    Love your quilt ~~ as always.

  8. I’m back . . . I just went to the link you provided and I want to say, I like your choices much better than those shown on the link! Again, you have a real knack for combining colors!

  9. You WOULD make brown look good! 😀 I was just talking with someone today about how brown has gotten no love, and perhaps now that purple’s getting its turn, brown can be next. 🙂

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