Another quilt top done…

If you follow me on Pintrest you will know that I have been obsessed this past week with finishing my orange and brown quilt top.  I got a bee in my bonnet and could not let it go, even though I had other pressing quilts with deadlines.

brown orange scrap quiltThe quilt started life some months ago as this simple block – you can find the free paper piecing pattern link on my original post.   So over the last week I have feverishly been making blocks….sew, iron, trim repeat.

paper pieced block bitsWith scrap quilting there is not a lot of opportunities to chain piece usually but with this project I found myself chain piecing a bit.  First I chain pieced an orange block to a brown block and then I match up those units and chain pieced the blocks together.  It worked wonderfully well and I used so much less thread.   Eventually it all came together to make this…

finsihed choc orange quilt topI love the meta pattern this block creates…and I extra love the scrappy feel to the quilt.  The splashes of white and the variation in the tones of both the orange and brown make the top really sing.

quilt detail 2The paper pattern makes for pretty accurate piecing so that there is a lovely crispness to the points and joins.

quilt top detailNow all I have to do is rip the paper off, baste, quilt and bind it.  I already have a backing fabric chosen and have a name picked out.  This is my Jaffa quilt.. .named after a fabulous Aussie chocolate orange lolly/sweet/candy.

43 thoughts on “Another quilt top done…

  1. This is lovely!! I especially like how you included so much variation in the oranges — some of them are almost red. 😀 I think if this had a bright green binding, it would scream new england fall. Though whatever you choose will turn out gorgeous! It always does. 😀

  2. Love the colours, but Im a brown fan from way back 😉 Think this will have to be added to my growing list of to do’s 😉 Don’t think you could have picked a better name, Jaffas rolling down the movie isles ahahhahahaha, ah the memories 🙂

  3. This is just wonderful! I love the colors and can see why you were excited to get it pieced! There are some really great fabrics in there.

  4. Gorgeous, but so non-Wombat I had to double check it was one of your posts. The Pearl Bracelets gave it away… You are a machine! Not only immaculate paper piecing but chain piecing too. And remember getting a scary orange and brown tongue if you hold a Jaffa in your mouth and let it melt?

  5. It is so beautiful. I also really like the variety in the values. I don’t see that many quilts that use brown and when they do, it’s often muddy. Yours steers so far beyond that, it almost sparkles with those tones. Wonderful job. This makes me reconsider doing a non-Halloween Halloween orange quilt.

  6. wow! That is just spectacular! The color combination can sometimes be dull but yours is quite the opposite! And the paper pieced pattern really does add a nice sharp distinction to the quilt! Lovely!

  7. I am so LOST here in USA with the reference to JAFFA’s…but I do love some nice orange Candy Corn at Halloween ! The quilt is wonderful. I was examining the pattern, not realizing you had paper pieced it. What a task getting all that paper off. I love the quilt.

    • I have a secret weapon when it comes to taking the paper off my quilts… My husband. I have trained him in the art of removing paper gently and he is quite proficient. It helps immensely.

  8. i can’t get over how much i love this. it’s totally unexpected and beautiful. i usually shy away from brown and now i want to break them out! this is gorgeous, as usual, cath! i love it!

  9. You have the most amazing knack for picking a block that looks like nothing special on its own, and absolutely fantastic next to others of the same construction. This is a gorgeous quilt.

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