Another quilt top done…

If you follow me on Pintrest you will know that I have been obsessed this past week with finishing my orange and brown quilt top.  I got a bee in my bonnet and could not let it go, even though I had other pressing quilts with deadlines.

brown orange scrap quiltThe quilt started life some months ago as this simple block – you can find the free paper piecing pattern link on my original post.   So over the last week I have feverishly been making blocks….sew, iron, trim repeat.

paper pieced block bitsWith scrap quilting there is not a lot of opportunities to chain piece usually but with this project I found myself chain piecing a bit.  First I chain pieced an orange block to a brown block and then I match up those units and chain pieced the blocks together.  It worked wonderfully well and I used so much less thread.   Eventually it all came together to make this…

finsihed choc orange quilt topI love the meta pattern this block creates…and I extra love the scrappy feel to the quilt.  The splashes of white and the variation in the tones of both the orange and brown make the top really sing.

quilt detail 2The paper pattern makes for pretty accurate piecing so that there is a lovely crispness to the points and joins.

quilt top detailNow all I have to do is rip the paper off, baste, quilt and bind it.  I already have a backing fabric chosen and have a name picked out.  This is my Jaffa quilt.. .named after a fabulous Aussie chocolate orange lolly/sweet/candy.

Urban Chicken Fun

This week I manged to finish my first Urban Chicken quilt top…. I am so excited.   I love this modern easy fun pattern.

easy modern kids quilt

The Urban Chicken block was designed for the Portland Modern Quilt Guild meetup by Michelle Freedman.  You can find my original post and tutorial on making the block here.

urban chicken finished top chickens

When laying the quilt top out I had great fun making the chickens run all around… there really is a sense of silly to this quilt block that I love.

urban chicken finished

It is also a very forgiving block – wonky triangles, lots of scraps and bold bright colours.  You can get away with a few squiffy seams if need be.

urban chicken finished top cu

This is Urban Chicken number 1 for me.  I have another one following close behind in warmer colours, as I set this pattern for my Do.good.stitches bee this month.  You have been warned!