Nearly there…

After today I am just one block away from having my Neon pink quilt ready to put together… so without further ado here is my penultimate pink neon crazy…

paper pieced neon blockThe pattern is a free one that comes with the EQ system, so I need to check copyright and see if I can share it with you.  If I can, I will put it one the paper piecing pattern page in the coming week.

Neon piecesI am definitely going to be remaking this block, because it would be AWESOME done scrappy.  I have a cunning plan for the block already…

So next week I will post the last neon block for this quilt, but do not despair, as there is more neon in my future.  I have one other orphan Neon quilt to put together for the Portland Modern Quilt Guild…. you have been warned.

19 thoughts on “Nearly there…

    • I was a reluctant Neon user but I am now hooked… it is so much fun and so obnoxious. I love it too. I have some orange but have not seen any neon green (only a neon yellow/green). Talk about 80’s flashbacks!

  1. That’s amazing. I’m seriously in awe of your no-fear colour usage, because it always seems to work out so well! Do you know what grey you are using? I’ve been looking for a good one for a while, and that seems to be a great saturation against lights and darks and brights!

  2. Oh my word. That is one very, very pink block, but what a pretty one. I’m looking forward to seeing what else you do with it. One of these days I’ll be contacting you for your address, as I have something grey and pink I plan to make for you… but not neon pink.

  3. OOOOoo I’m very excited to see how this top comes together, as I have been loving the colour combo of the neon pink and grey you’ve chosen – and this block is loooovely!

  4. It looks amazing! Looking at your 2nd photo, do you leave the paper in until after you’ve sewn them into a block? I’m a novice at this and was taking the paper off after each section then sewing them together, but it’s hard to get the seams matched.

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