Lots of X’s

This week my quilting life has been full of just one block – a paper pieced X block of varying sizes.

paper pieced cross blockI made the original block pattern, a 4 inch x 4 inch block,  for the next border on the PMQG medallion quilt.

Botanics fabric lineI used the  PMQG Medallion Border paper piecing pattern to make the border for the group medallion which is taking full advantage of the fabulous Botanics range by Carolyn Friedlander.

bontanics medallion quilt wipDon’t you just love the center Dresden flower – my clever fellow PMQG officer, Kelly of Blue Bird Sews made it.

After finishing the first 24 X blocks for the Guild Medallion I turned around and did another 48 X blocks to make the border on my Medallion….

medallion quilt wipYep you read right… I had to make two lots of cross blocks to get my border done, because I did not measure my paper piecing pattern before I started sewing.  My printer had “scaled to fit” my first set of block so they were just slightly smaller than 4 inches.  Lesson for the day:  always measure your printed pattern before you start work.

For some unknown reason I then thought “wow wouldn’t be fun to try a larger cross with some Lizzy House fabrics” and in a moment of insanity started making these blocks…

Constellation crossesI was at least smart enough to blow the pattern up to 6 x 6 inches and I am liking how this quilt is starting to look.  You can find the pattern for the larger crosses here…  Cross block pattern.

Believe it or not I am contemplating adding some smaller 4 x 4 blocks to my Constellation quilt to bring a nice variety to the top.  If I do not get too sick of these blocks, I will have a wip update in a couple of weeks.

25 thoughts on “Lots of X’s

  1. OMG, those Lizzy House fabrics look so gorgeous in a cross block. I love the contrasts you’re using! The top one looks as if it’s made from ice crystals. You make me want to get cutting and laying out again, but I’m stuck with tying one quilt and waiting to sandwich, pin and quilt another, and I won’t let myself start a third quilt until they’re done.

      • I have the fabric pulled and sorted for 6 more, sitting boxed and labelled in my fabric cupboard… together with the design I want to use. I don’t think that counts as quilts started, do you? Besides, I’m just about to go away on holiday, and need to get these two done before I go so I can tidy my sewing room. Or at least rediscover my table…

  2. Love the x’s!! And in Botanics it’s fantastic! But in Constellations, it’s absolute perfection!
    I’ll definitely be making use of this pattern 🙂

  3. Goodness! That’s almost 80 Xs, and they all look lovely. I hope you can reuse the ‘scaled to fit’ ones elsewhere.
    I think I will need ideas for borders in the next few months, so I will have to file this one away in my memory.

  4. Wow!! Awesome! I agree–the Constellations crosses are perfect! And I just love Botanics and that Medallion! Can’t wait to see the wip updates! I, too, am stuck on one quilt that I need to layer, baste & quilt. I want to get it finished in time to gift it in person in 2 weeks, and my sewing time is so scarce, I feel like I need to use every free second to work on it!

  5. Oh for some reason these remind me of a grandma block sort of like a cheats version if that makes sense. They do look addictive though, and I have been known to suffer from OBD (Obsessive Block Disorder) 😉

  6. oh! how cool are these blocks?! i love these. i am tucking these away for when i get my medallion quilt back as the final border 🙂 LOVE. the constellations version is perfect!

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