Finally Neoned out… for now

I am proud to present the last block of my Neon Pink quilt…

free paper pieced star blockThis pattern was fun to make and I think reflects a couple of the other blocks already in the quilt.  You can find a free copy of the pattern I designed here…WQ Atomic Star block.

Atomic Star block piecesSo now all of the neon blocks are done and all that is left to do is the maths for the sashing –  made a little complex because the blocks finished up at 12 1/2 inches and 11 inches.  In the beginning when I decided to make some friends for the two 11 inch PMQG orphan blocks I found, I did not realise I was making the maths harder.  Augh….

photoI am sure it will be worth it in the end but for now I have my calculator and some graph paper out to see how to make this sucker work.  Wish me luck!

24 thoughts on “Finally Neoned out… for now

  1. Love the block! Maybe those smaller blocks need a small black “accent border” to bring them out to 12 1/2?? Quilt looks great. Looking forward to seeing how you “solve” this dilemma. :o)

    • Jennifer… the block you are talking about is one that I designed… actually all the blocks on that bottom row are my patterns. I will make sure they are all in the “free paper piecing patterns” link.

  2. Oh, that’s one’s easy. Sashing, done log cabin-wise, with different fabric for each strip so it looks like part of the paper piecing. I love the way the photo shows pink reflections off all that neon, like it’s lighting up the surface you’ve placed them on!

  3. I especially like the two upper left blocks. How about white with pink dots for a border around the gray blocks (they are the smaller ones, right?) Or maybe on two sides of each.

    • The pink and white dot would be a great solution… if only I had more of it. This quilt has been made using bits a pieces left over from a Guild challenge last year… I added the grey fabric but was challenging myself to finish it with what I had.

  4. Wow, what an amazing group of blocks–I can’t pick a favorite! I love the neon pink. Looking forward to seeing how you finish it up!

  5. IIRC some of PMQG’s earlier block challenge quilts navigated this problem by sashing two sides of each block and then squaring up each block to the a new standard size. Ohh I have another idea that I will try to draw up and share.

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