An oldie but a goodie…

This week I wanted to share a recent finish that was actually started years ago… so many years I am a little embarrassed.

neon pink quilt

Photos can not do this neon pink justice… it really is vibrant and a little crazy.  The grey and white does a good job of calming the pink a little…

neon quilt detail 3

A few of these blocks were left over from a Portland Modern Quilt Guild challenge in 2013… the rest are ones that I added (some I even designed the paper piecing pattern for!)….

neon quilt detail

Okay I have to admit I have a problem letting things go and this was particularly true of the couple of blocks I inherited for the charity program.  They just screamed to be made into a quilt, but they were so bright that they did play nicely with any of the other orphan blocks I had… you see my dilemma right, I had to make more blocks to go with them.

neon quilt detail 2

Someone who appreciates pink in all it’s glory – actually my kind of person…. is going to love this quilt…and just in case the front was not enough to sell it I found some fabulous Ikea fabric in my stash for the back…

quilt back

This quilt has already made its way to the local PICU where it definitely brightened some kids stay, I am sure of it.

Quilt Details:

Fabric:  Michael Miller Neon fabric and Cotton Couture
Blocks:  various paper pieced blocks
Quilt Size:  52 x 52 inches

Finally Neoned out… for now

I am proud to present the last block of my Neon Pink quilt…

free paper pieced star blockThis pattern was fun to make and I think reflects a couple of the other blocks already in the quilt.  You can find a free copy of the pattern I designed here…WQ Atomic Star block.

Atomic Star block piecesSo now all of the neon blocks are done and all that is left to do is the maths for the sashing –  made a little complex because the blocks finished up at 12 1/2 inches and 11 inches.  In the beginning when I decided to make some friends for the two 11 inch PMQG orphan blocks I found, I did not realise I was making the maths harder.  Augh….

photoI am sure it will be worth it in the end but for now I have my calculator and some graph paper out to see how to make this sucker work.  Wish me luck!

Nearly there…

After today I am just one block away from having my Neon pink quilt ready to put together… so without further ado here is my penultimate pink neon crazy…

paper pieced neon blockThe pattern is a free one that comes with the EQ system, so I need to check copyright and see if I can share it with you.  If I can, I will put it one the paper piecing pattern page in the coming week.

Neon piecesI am definitely going to be remaking this block, because it would be AWESOME done scrappy.  I have a cunning plan for the block already…

So next week I will post the last neon block for this quilt, but do not despair, as there is more neon in my future.  I have one other orphan Neon quilt to put together for the Portland Modern Quilt Guild…. you have been warned.