Oh the plans I had…

This week has been a lost week for me.  I got smacked hard by the Flu and have not sewn or been near fabric since Monday..yep I have been that sick!  I had so many plans for this week… so many things that needed to get finished.  Oh well.

I was going to just write this blogging week off as well, but for some reason, in my Flu state, I thought it would be a good idea to share the quilt top I finished a little while ago.   It is a quilt top that I was not originally going to post pictures of, as my husband had declared it the “ugliest” quilt he had ever seen.  Now emboldened by an assortment of cold and flu medication here goes…

PMQG Sampler quilt

Now in defense of this top, it was made using a bunch of unloved orphan blocks from the PMQG charity drive.  There are some lovely blocks in the top, but overall the colour scheme is not me.

PMQG Sampler close upPutting the top together I took apart some blocks, cut up others and generally took liberties.  I just loved the challenge of seeing if I could make this work somehow.

PMQG Sampler cuIn hindsight I think I would approach the task differently and use more negative space… putting in solid fabrics instead of some of the cut down blocks.  Next time… and there will be a next time because there are more of these orphan blocks.

So on this Friday I say it is time for the ugly quilts to come out of the closet.  Share your fuglies.  Photography them.  Facebook them.  Instagram them.  Let them have their moment in the sun.

Okay I am now going back to bed with my tissues and my Dayquil.



23 thoughts on “Oh the plans I had…

  1. So sorry to hear you’re under the weather! I really like the green and orange block on the center left-bottom. It reminds me of the Irish flag a bit. The browns and oranges remind me of the late 70’s/early 80’s a bit which brings back fond childhood memories. Your piecing is superb! Hope you get well soon!

  2. Hi, I like that quilt… ok, it is not as multi-multi-coloured as you usually do… but I think it is quite artistic, and looks really modern because of its 70th charme… hope you get well soon.

  3. When your head has stopped ringing, your nose is unblocked and your eyes are no longer watering, poor thing, look again at that quilt and imagine it without the dark border. Give it a border in a cheerful colour that picks up some of the colours in the quilt. Orange, say, or green. It’s not an ugly quilt. It has an ugly border. Change that, and someone will love it. Would love to catch up when you’re feeling better!

  4. Hi Cath… first: Hope you get well soon! I like that quilt! Sure, it is not as multi-multi colourful as you do usually… but it’s kind of artistic, all that different blocks with different sizes… it have a bit 70th charme and so it looks quite modern!

  5. You do make me smile 🙂
    I’d love to see this quilt with the blocks separated by a solid colour, and a different coloured border. Can’t wait to see what you do with the next lot of blocks.

  6. Hi Cath! I hope you get well soon! Where is the ugly part? I think this is wonderful quilt! Brown is not my colour and I was thinking that you could continue creating with this quilt and make some ‘art’ applique on the parts you don’t like so much. x Teje

  7. Sorry about the flu, but glad it made you get out an oldie. I think it a great example of an old time sampler–all blocks, no blanks. You have arranged the blocks to create the eye-rest spaces that the plain blocks otherwise would have to be used for. You don’t need them. And I like the gray border–bright would take the shine away from the center.

  8. I don’t think I’ve been quilting long enough to have anything that is truly ugly LOL. Although I don’t really think this is ugly, but if it’s not your style you could always make it a donation quilt 🙂

    • Luckily this quilt experiment was always destined to be a charity quilt which gave me a little freedom in my approach and means I am not too worried that it did not turn out swell as I would have liked. Someone will love it I am sure.

  9. This quilt appeals to me, though I can’t point out why. First, I like the patterns. Many of the blocks have a very Japanese feel. The colors are a very retro. They make me think 1970’s. I don’nt knkow that I’d display it, I this would be a great snuggle quilt.

  10. As Penny above just proved some people will love that quilt, while others will side with your husband. I have some orphan blocks hanging about that I need to move on. I had been thinking of a similar approach to yours but will now think about how I can use negative space.Thanks for the inspiration.

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