Keeping the volume on low…

First for all thanks for all the well wishes over the last two weeks… it has been slow going but after 10 days of wallowing in self-pity I am slowly getting back into quilting.  Yesterday I finally put the machine back up and sewed a little… I thought I was at last okay enough to “operate heavy machinery”.

twins quiltsSo I have been slowly, very slowly quilting a darling low volume quilt I had pieced before I got sick.  Actually I have pieced two quilts which are almost identical – they use the same fabric but just arranged differently.  It is a custom order for two gorgeous twin toddlers who happen to really like pink… girls after my own heart.

twin quilts 2I have also discovered another joy of quilting in the last two days – you can do a little sewing and then have a lie down when you need to.

I promise I will be back on schedule next week…


14 thoughts on “Keeping the volume on low…

  1. Be kind to yourself. Rest when you feel like it and don’t feel obligated to post. We know you will return when you are back to 100% and this blog should not be a “I’ve GOT to…” but rather an “I am eager to…” Thanks for sharing your lovely quilts.

  2. Welcome back, you have been missed! Those quilts are so sweet, something gentle and pretty to get you back into the swing. Nothing to beat a little lie down when you need it, and a project that lends itself to nap-breaks!

    • Low volume is a great way to practice breaking out of matchy matchy. You choose and use fabric which are predominantly white/cream and has a low value. I can highly recommend trying even just pulling fabric from your stash and playing.

  3. you are such a prolific quilter that it must seem impossible to slow down to heal. The stomach bug can be very hideous! I love that you chose the low volume to come back with – easy on the eyes and comforting. Take it easy, you!

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