Some little quilts for a good cause…

Last week Maryann, the PMQG President, and I dropped off a collection of darling little quilts for a new Neo-natal ICU unit that has just opened up locally.

We delivered nine quilts, and know that other PMQG members dropped off more during the week.  We picked the quilts up at Modern Domestic, who kindly allowed us to use their store as a backdrop for the photos.

The quilts included a couple I had made…. including a disappearing nine patch quilt using some lovely Hoffman Batiks that Sam at Hunter Design Studios had given me.

wq nine patch quiltA lovely little strip quilt I made using a Moda Scrap bag.

wq stip quilt 2

And a simple patchwork quilt using leftover Glitz fabric from Michael Miller.  I was so excited to see how well this fabric washed up.

wq glitz quiltThe fabulous Monica Solorio-Snow made two darling quilts using her Happy Mochi Yum Yum fabric.

Mochi quilt 1

Monica very kindly did up a free PDF pattern for this quilt which she shares on her website Happy Zombie.

Mochi quilt 2There were so many different techniques used to make these little quilts… Wonky low volume crosses by Mary Ann…

low volume quilt

Fussy cut bordered squares done by Susan Paris…

square quilt

Charming nine patches by Michael Ann….

nine patch quilt

And simple patchwork.

sweet quiltNot all the quilts had labels attached so please let me know if your quilt appears in this collection, so I can credit your lovely work.

The need for these quilts will be ongoing, so I already have a couple more in the works.  If you feel inspired to make a little (36 x 36)  quilt, most hospital NICU’s take quilty donations, or you can also drop a quilt off with your local Project Linus Chapter or other blanket charity.  It really is an easy way to make a difference.

So dust off those orphan blocks, pull out that novelty print you have that you do not know what to do with… go on make a quilt…you know you want to.

10 thoughts on “Some little quilts for a good cause…

  1. Update: They are now asking for 42 inch square quilts instead of 36 inches. They also have some specific instructions regarding washing, and have decided that cotton and flannel is ok. Oh, and I did the Wonky Crosses, Susan Paris did the fussy cut with borders, and Michael Ann made the charming 9 patches–and it was her first charity quilt!

  2. Letter from Providence:
    Through this journey we have found we need to make a few changes on the requirements of the quilts, which will help the NICU. With the brand new equipment they have found they need the quilts slightly larger – 42 X 42. If you are working on a 36 X 36, they definitely will still happily accept that size. If you are in the process of making quilts, considering making quilts, we have learned a lot and the following is what we need now.

    Size: 42 X 42
    Fabric: 100 cotton and flannel is OK
    Batting: cotton, poly or flannel (Please no fluffy batting. They need them to lay flat against the isolettes)
    Quilting: prefer machine or hand quilted, rather than tied
    Wash: After completed please wash in non-allergenic detergent in hot water and a hot dryer (no dryer sheets with scent please)
    Crocheted or Knitted: Needs to be a very tight weave

    Please continue to send to Lora Keenan, 4400 NE Halsey, Bldg 2, Suite 599, Portland, OR 97213. For employees, inter-office to Lora Keenan, POP2, Suite 599. If you’re closer to Providence St. Vincent, you can drop them off at the volunteer services office and they will interoffice them to me.

    If you have any questions, please let me know.

    We will happily accept any quilts you are willing to donate now and in the future. As you can imagine, this will be an ongoing project. The NICU has 14 beds and each baby will take your quilt home with them. Some babies will be there for a few days and others for a few months, but we hope to keep them well supplied going forward.

    Thanks again for all the work you are doing to help make this project a success. We could not make this happen without you!!!

  3. Its great to do charity quilts, 99% of my quilt tops go to Linus here in Australia. Its a win, win the way I see it. I try so many different patterns and I never get tired of the challenge to use the fabrics they send me. Great selection of fun quilts ♥ them all 🙂

  4. I dropped off 3 at the NICU open house event and took a peek in the quilt cabinet. It was such a heartwarming sight to see a collection of quilts in there. Also, there was a shelf for twin babies, in case anyone wants to make matching quilts. Thanks for the updated size info!

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