Lost in the infinite Starry Night…

Well that at least is what it has felt like the last couple of weeks.  My design wall has been home to just one thing…  my Starry Night quilt.  I was determined not to take it down until it was finished… and I didn’t…

design wall

Over the last weeks I have added more night sky bit by bit…

photo 3 (1)

The white bits of the design board became smaller and smaller…. and this week I finally finished all the sky blocks and wrangled all the pieces together…

completed top cu

Starry Night quilt top is now finished….It was quite a task to get this paper stiffened behemoth through my little old domestic machine but I did it… with only a few minor injuries.

completed starry night 2The most interesting view of this creation, I think is the back, with all the paper pieces still in tact.  You can see just how much variety there is in the night sky.  I had a blast playing with the EQ7 paper piecing library and I do not think this crazy would not have been possible without EQ.

completed paper back

I think if I had set out to do the sky this way in the beginning I am sure I would have found some way to talk myself out of it.

completed Starry NightAs it was I just did it bit by bit, not really fully understanding how insane I was being….

Top completed cu

Once the paper is off I will post photos of the complete top… at the moment it is just to stiff and unruly to handle…. next week I promise a full quilt top reveal.

51 thoughts on “Lost in the infinite Starry Night…

  1. Oh! I didn’t realize all the blues quite were Also paper pieced! That makes this all the more impressive, and interesting….. can’t wait to see the next installment.

  2. If it was madness, then at least it was divine madness. That is such a beautiful quilt, and your husband is right to insist you keep it. I think this one will always be one of my favourites among your lovely quilts. Good luck with removing all the paper – one of my least favourite jobs!

  3. This is magnificent! Exactly right that you should keep it. Exactly right that you have given Van Gogh a run for his money.
    This is one of my favorite quilts ever … not just your quilts … ever!!!

  4. This is absolutely amazing. Even the sky is intricately paper pieced; wow! As a lover of paper piecing, but also one who has never made a paper pieced quilt larger than 20″x27″, I am floored by the fabulousness of this quilt. I agree, you’ve given Van Gogh a run for his money!

    • To actually make the quilt work I felt I needed to paper piece the sky…it is hard to get good seams etc when sewing paper backed pieces to fabric, particularly on this scale. Of course in hindsight I should have taken the paper off the stars but I was too late into the process when I had that revelation. Lol.

  5. It’s gorgeous! I can’t wait to see the whole thing! The sneak peeks of bits and pieces are amazing, so I can only anticipate seeing the whole quilt at once. The amount of work and dedication it’s taken to complete your vision is truly inspiring!

  6. What a really gorgeous quilt. Such perseverance!! The result is fantastic. Have you ever tried the “leave in” non-woven paper substitutes like “Ricky’s stable stuff” or Sharon Schamber’s “Secret Foundation”? They say that you can use it as though it were paper and leave it in the quilt. If there ever was a project that needed something like that your quilt would be nominated. This is truly lovely.

  7. Starry Night is simply wonderful – I have loved every block you have shown along the way and it is getting very exciting to be so close to seeing the whole quilt top in its entirety – your work is amazing and Van Gogh would be proud of you – hee hee – just a joke – a take on his painting titled Starry Night.

    perry94022 at hotmail dot com

  8. Hi Cath! This is AMAZING! I love love it! Those all kind of stars look fantastic on the darker background! You gave me an idea to make ‘suns’ on light blue/turquoise background. Not sure if I ever have time for that but would be great pair to yours. x Teje

  9. I have been watching the progression of this quilt, wondering what the hell it would end up like – I am amazed at how it has turned out – such a beautiful work of art. I wouldn’t know where to start on something like this, so well done to you 🙂

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