Lost in the infinite Starry Night…

Well that at least is what it has felt like the last couple of weeks.  My design wall has been home to just one thing…  my Starry Night quilt.  I was determined not to take it down until it was finished… and I didn’t…

design wall

Over the last weeks I have added more night sky bit by bit…

photo 3 (1)

The white bits of the design board became smaller and smaller…. and this week I finally finished all the sky blocks and wrangled all the pieces together…

completed top cu

Starry Night quilt top is now finished….It was quite a task to get this paper stiffened behemoth through my little old domestic machine but I did it… with only a few minor injuries.

completed starry night 2The most interesting view of this creation, I think is the back, with all the paper pieces still in tact.  You can see just how much variety there is in the night sky.  I had a blast playing with the EQ7 paper piecing library and I do not think this crazy would not have been possible without EQ.

completed paper back

I think if I had set out to do the sky this way in the beginning I am sure I would have found some way to talk myself out of it.

completed Starry NightAs it was I just did it bit by bit, not really fully understanding how insane I was being….

Top completed cu

Once the paper is off I will post photos of the complete top… at the moment it is just to stiff and unruly to handle…. next week I promise a full quilt top reveal.