Starflower Quilt block

For today’s Paper Piecing Monday block I did something a little different.  The block still uses the simple square block, but only one…

Starflower block..and yes kitties are still involved.  It follows the rules of the other vintage blocks – 9 patch of four-inch blocks blah blah blah…

componentsThe components of the block are…one (1)  WQ Simple square block, four (4) Triangle blocks and four (4) Starpoint component blocks.  Just click on the links to get the PDF of the patterns.

Starflower block 2So what did I do different…. I blew this block up to make a 21 inch block.

solid quilt block

As the local hospital was now requesting 42 inch square quilts, I thought this would be a great way to make a quick and easy baby quilt… and I was right.

simple modern baby quiltMy quilt is unbound, but you get the idea.  Simple pattern, bright solids and you have an easy quilt.  The pattern components are the same but just 7 inches instead of 4…XL Triangle component and XL Star component and of course XL Simple Square component.



8 thoughts on “Starflower Quilt block

  1. I love these paper pieced 9 patch blocks you are doing – they are so versatile! Simple components with an awesome outcome – well done! Also love that baby quilt and the secondary pattern that’s emerging!

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