Straight Star…paper piecing Monday

This week’s paper piecing star is a easy, fun one…

Straight star block

The straight star is another relatively simple 8 inch star block…using just 28 pieces none of which are weirdly shaped or angled.  A PDF copy of the pattern I used can be found here….straight star pattern.

Straight star pieces

I used a random selection of green stripes from my scrap bag… but I think you could get some interesting effects with this star by carefully placing the dark and light pieces.  The effect of a whole quilt with this block would be fabulous I think, so it has been added to my “To Do” list.

Tune in next week for another fun 8 inch star….

17 thoughts on “Straight Star…paper piecing Monday

    • Thanks Yanic…. black and white is just such a versatile blender that I have collected LOTS and LOTS over the years. You might have noticed I love black and white with a pop of colour!

  1. I just love this paper piecing pattern, I will copy it off and work it soon as I can get to it.. I just love the greens however if I want anyone I know to love it, I’ll have to use more agreeable colors in their quilts.. lol, Some people just have no taste, I love the greens.. wow! they pop!
    Thanks for sending this pattern out to me. I want to get started on it yesterday… wow, wow, wow!

  2. What an amazing star can’t wait to get sewing again, I’ve had to stop for a few week as I had surgery so I’ve been knitting can’t bare not to be creating Quilty hugs

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