The continuing adventure that is 8 inch stars…

Welcome to another riveting edition of Paper piecing Monday… okay there was a little bit of hyperbole in that statement, but I am really enjoying making these stars, and today’s pattern is no exception…

stamp star

I call this one Stamped Star because it feels very solid… not at all delicate like last weeks. The star is 24 pieces and would look cool, I realized after I had finished the block, with a light center rather than the dark.

stamp star pieces

You can find the PDF pattern for this star here…Stamp star.  Next week I will try to get a wip shot of the stars so far.  They are looking cool up on the design wall…but I still am not sure what I am going to do with them all!

10 thoughts on “The continuing adventure that is 8 inch stars…

  1. OK, mad idea, but why not replicate each one in the reverse colourway, so you end up with each design in positive and negative, and then alternate them in the layout? I’ll shut up now….

  2. How do you figure out what size piece of fabric to cut to put on the paper template? The last paper piecing I tried, my pieces were woefully small and I had to scrap the fabric. If you have a formula, I’d love to see it! Or point me to a link that you use. Thanks! Your quilts are amazing, by the way!

    • Dawn this is a great question…and the answer is different depending on what I am making. If I am making scrap blocks, I pull fabric from my scrap bins, making sure that the piece is generously bigger than what I need. As it is scraps I think I am not wasting fabric but using every little bit. If the pattern has weird shaped pieces I will cut a copy of the paper pattern out and use the pieces as templates for cutting my fabric….allowing for a generous seam allowance. If the pattern pieces are more uniformed – think strips and triangles I will measure the pattern and calculate what I need and cut from my stash accordingly. Does that make sense?

      • Yes, thanks. I tried to leave 1/4 inch around the edge of each section and it just wasn’t enough! Thanks for the reply.

      • I always try and force a little more than a 1/4 inch and for strange shapes in particular I will have up to 1/2 inch leeway… It adds stability and makes it easier to piece.

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