A spikey little paper piecing Monday…

Okay I had a bit of fun with this block…it is a pointy little number…

WQ Sharp Star

It is a little crest like a little star like…and it is uses the easy triangle format that I am a little addicted to at the moment.

sharp piecesThis free 8 inch pattern involves only 28 pieces and you can down load the PDF here…Sharp Star.


15 thoughts on “A spikey little paper piecing Monday…

  1. I really love this pattern. Maybe I’ll have to give paper piecing a try. I need some setting triangles. might be able to adapt this for that use. Thanks for posting!

  2. How many of these green and spiky lovelies do you have now? It must be getting on for enough for a quilt, surely? I will get back to paper piecing one day, but first I have to clear my UFO/WIP list a little.

  3. I’m hoping to start making my first paper piecing blocks at the beginning of February (I’ve given myself a date to aim for) and love all the ones that you do 🙂

  4. Love your green star-project Cath ……….. And am thanks to you hooked on paper-piecing, so much more easy than I thought… Sorry that Viv can’t seem to get it working…

    • Diane this block was not too hard as there are only 4 pieces of fabric meeting in the middle, but some of the blocks I have done have been ridiculously bulky. When sewing bulky blocks together I remove as much of the paper from the center of the block as I can without loosing the sewing lines…this helps keep the middle bulk down, ensures tighter stitches and means you are not trying to pull little bits of paper out of small spaces when the block is all done. I must admit I have learnt to accept that bulky centers are part of some of these star blocks and work with it. If I am quilting the top myself I will sew through the center pieces of my stars as much as the design allows. I have found that the quilting process helps control and soften the bulk. The washing process also helps.

  5. Hi Cath!
    I came across your pieces star on Pintrest in 2022! It looks like fun and I’ve never done a pieced block before. I’m going to give it a try after my current 2 projects are completed. Have a great holiday!

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