More green stars…

As promised I am back with some more green stars.  I have twelve finished blocks up on my design wall and this block is lucky number 13….

8 inch star quilt blockI called this star Nick’s star, after my husband…what can I say I am struggling to find names for some of my patterns!    This 8 inch block has 24 pieces and I must warn you is easier than next weeks pattern, which is more complex, but really fun.

Nick star pattern piecesYou can find the free PDF pattern here…Nick’s Star pattern.  I have loved seeing people’s versions of my patterns on Instagram, so go forth and create pretty things!

12 thoughts on “More green stars…

  1. I just love your gorgeous paper piecing. I’ve tried it and could could not make heads nor tails of it though I do EPP. I’ll just continue to look forward to your updates and live vicariously through you.

    • EPP I very different from paper or foundation piecing but I love the results you get with both. There is definitely a different way of seeing the pattern and fabric with paper piecing…(that whole flipping and reversing stuff can throw you at first. But with a little practice it becomes second nature.

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