Pretty in Pink

I am running  a little late today…sorry but it is still Monday in the US so I am still within the set parameters of Paper Piecing MONDAY!  So here goes…

Cactus Snowball blockI ummed and ahhed about making the center of the block black and white or pink.  A pink center give the blocks a cool star at its center but I liked how the black and white highlighted the pennant like section of the block.

blocks piecesThe free pattern for this 12 inch block can be found here….Pink ball 3.

I will have four blocks done next week which will allow me to start playing with the layout of the quilt top.  I promise to include some wip photos of all the blocks next week.

8 thoughts on “Pretty in Pink

    • Lorraine I am not sure what is happening. I have tried from two different computers and I get the pattern download fine. Let me know if you still have problems and I will email you the pattern.

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