A flurry of butterflies….

Yesterday was a public holiday here in the US and I fully embraced the good weather and took the day off…. so no paper piecing Monday this week.  Instead I wanted to share one of the paper piecing projects I have been working on for the last week or so…

lizzy house butterflyI have been making butterfly blocks using Lizzy House fabric and tone-on-tone white scraps.   My obsession with making these blocks took seed when Lizzy’s new fabric line, Natural Histories came out and included this wonderful print…lovely hunt tiff makerI had purchased a fabulous butterfly pattern a year or so ago from Juliet at Tartan Kiwi so I went to work making blocks.  The pattern, if you are interested, is only $2.50 and can be bought HERE.

butterflies 1The pattern is for a 5 inch butterfly and it takes four parts to make one block….

butterfly pattern piecesThe more of these I have made the quicker the process has become.  There are some small bits to the pattern but nothing to complex… and I love the end result.

butterfly sizesFor my butterfly collection I also enlarged the pattern a little.  The yellow butterfly above is the 5 inch block and the green butterfly is what I got when I enlarged the pattern to take up the whole of a 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper.

lizzy house butterfliesMy finished butterfly collection will have both block sizes and a fun array of colours.  I am using just Lizzy House fabric and trying not to repeat any fabric…and I love how they all look.

Orange butterfly

22 thoughts on “A flurry of butterflies….

  1. How can I learn to paper piece? I just don’t understand it at all. I love these and I want to make butterflies!!

    • If you are near Portland Oregon I could teach you…but if not there are some great classes and You Tube videos. Craftsy has the queen of paper piecing, Carol Doak, teaching a class which is so cool.

    • Hi! I thought the same but then once I took one tutorial and with stubborn mind made it and from then I love Paper piecing! Don’t give up even in the beginning it feels that everything goes ‘upside down’. When you find the ‘trick’ it’s easy. x Teje

      • Thanks, Teje! Some day when I have an empty brain I’ll sit down and try to figure it out! .. Might have to wait till I’ve lost it completely 🙂

      • Don’t wait, it’s so fun and there are so fantastic patterns! My First Project was Forest Qal and the bird there and finally I made the whole quilt ‘Fantasy Forest’. Please try! x Teje

  2. oh man I love that C+S one! Awesome colors together, and those itty bitty blocks! The Lizzy House hexies are fantastic, I’m sure any fan of hers, or of rainbows, would adore it.

  3. These are so gorgeous. I’ve always loved your stars but these butterflies are just delicious. I tried a little bit of paper piecing and hated every moment of it but, wow, I love these guys.

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