A little miscalculation…

This week I finally decided on the layout for my green star quilt….and in doing so realised I was one block short!    So it was back to the drawing board…literally…and a new block was designed…

outlined starThis is my Outlined star…a fun little star with 32 lovely little pieces.  I designed this star after staring at the other blocks on my design wall for a week or so and it seems to fit nicely into the Green star mix.

quilt block piecesIf you would like to add this star to your collection you can find a free PDF of an 8 inch  pattern here….Outlined star pattern.

And here is a glimpse of what I am planning for these blocks…

quilt block layoutI hope to have a finished quilt top to share with you on Friday…

22 thoughts on “A little miscalculation…

  1. I think this one is my favorite!! Your Paper Piecing Monday blog posts are the highlight of my Mondays. Thank you.😊

  2. Gorgeousness! I can’t wait to see it. I have loved seeing the stars as they have been revealed. And thank you for your generosity in making all of them available to us.

  3. Is anyone else having a problem downloading this particular pattern? I’ve been trying since last week and have not been able to. I have no problem with any of the other patterns on this site. Thanks!

    • Hi…I have downloaded this pattern on two different computers with no problem, so I am not sure what is going on. Sorry you are having problems and I will email you a copy of the PDF as a back up.

      • I guess all you had to do was try it-I can download it now, too! Technology, ain’t it grand? Thanks for your intricate patterns and astounding imagination!

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