Crossword Complete

I will start this week with a moment of honesty…. this is the first and possible only Crossword I have ever completed.  I have started many a crossword but never, ever completed one.  My mum does the crossword daily, and does a stellar job of getting them complete, but not me.  So without further ado, here is my one and only completed crossword….

finished crossword quilt

I started this Crossword last year, when I was asked to review Cheryl Arkison’s book, A Month of Sundays.  While flipping through the book I saw this pattern and fell in love.

The top came together easily using a collection of white/cream/light grey low volume prints and black and white prints.  The pattern is gentle but very effective.

crossword quilt detail

The black and white prints give you the squares of the crossword, with the creams giving the background a real newspaper feel.

quilting detail

I dug deep into my stash, as well as the stash of a couple of helpful friends to get enough black and white text prints…. and then tried to keep the supporting black and white prints very graphic.

crossword detail
You may have noticed the fabulous quilting on this project… I can safely say that it was not my doing.  This quilt top is huge and I could not drag it through my home machine, let alone create such a wonderful pattern.  The Crossword was quilted by the talented Jolene Knight, on of our Guild long-armers.

crossword quilting detail

I love the rhythm of the undulating curves of this quilt.  It is soft and gentle and really perfect for this quilt.  Jolene kindly quilted this baby up for me as the finished quilt will be donated as part of the PMQG’s Charity program.

For the back of the quilt I used a slab of text print, which seemed a perfect fit…

backing detail

And the finishing touch was a scrappy grey binding that I machine attached.

binding detail

This is just one of the quilts I decided to get finished and donate.   Earlier this year I took stock of my rather large collection of UFO’s and decided I needed to get most of them finished and donated.  Unfinished blocks and tops do not do anyone any good…while a completed quilt can do so much…


Pattern:  Crossword by Cheryl Arkison
Fabric:   Low volume scraps and B/W prints
Finished Size:  68 x 72 inches

25 thoughts on “Crossword Complete

  1. If you never do another one again, you’ll still be a champion crossworder! I also love the scallop quilting she’s done, I used the same design when hand quilting the quilt that lives on our bed, because I think it gives such a lovely rippling texture – especially nice after it’s been washed. Lovely job!

  2. Fantasterrific quilt, Cath! And, “Huzzah” to your mum as a rare but real crosswords puzzle completer. I can count on the fingers of one hand the number of crosswords I’ve completed.

  3. Yes, “fell in love” exactly describes my feeling when the first image popped up. You’ve done a really fab job of keeping that crossword vibe without being too cute. I hope it ultimate recipient enjoys your beautiful work.

  4. What a fortunate gift for it’s recipient!! Very generous gift. You have a lovely spirit and it always shows in your quilts.

  5. I love this! Very clever design, terrific fabric choices and wonderful clamshell quilting, who could ask for more. Great job (but how can you bare to let it out of your hands?)

  6. I love love love love this! I’ve been thinking about trying the quilting pattern and this has convinced me to try it. Plus, it has all of the love and thoughtfulness that you put into all your quilts.

  7. This is absolutely beautiful, Cath. I can see why the pattern had you itching to make it. You are very good to such a beauty.
    I love crosswords. The cryptic ones stumped until a few years ago, when I found an online video tutorial that helped me make sense of them. I haven’t done a crossword in a while, but my husband still does them all the time and asks me when he gets stuck.

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