Rolling Stone Hodge Podge block…

I am starting this week with the addition of the Rolling Stone block to my Hodge Podge sampler….

rolling stone block

I love this pattern and I have used this block before, when I did complete quilt using a 12 inch version.  For this quilt I did the traditional layout for the block and you can see the completed quilt here if you are interested.

wee wanders block 1

You can find the pattern for my 6 inch version here…rolling stone pattern  For the 12 inch pattern I used Don’t Call Me Betsy’s great tutorial.

My plan is to get at least one more Hodge Podge pattern posted this week… so stay tuned….

4 thoughts on “Rolling Stone Hodge Podge block…

  1. It’s a fun block, and I like how you can change the balance by altering what area is pale and what is coloured. I *think* I prefer your original version, with a coloured octagon in the centre, but that may be because of the fabulous fussy cut horse in the middle…. and of course, it has dots, which is guaranteed to make me love it.

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