On a mission…

Now that I am getting back to full health I feel like I have so much to catch up on…and first thing on my To Do list is to clear some of my WIPs out of the house.  The main impetuous for the clear out is the fact that you can not currently access our spare bedroom because of the pile of batting, quilts and fabric…our spare bedroom is Charity Quilt central!  I have a wonderfully patient and understanding husband who is somewhat blind to fabric piles and quilting mess, but even he has started commenting.

So as we head to Thanksgiving I will be sharing mine and PMQG’s most recent quilt finishes before they head out to their respective charities.  To start proceedings I give you this wonderful little quilt…

wonky log cabin finished quilt copy

This quilt was made, along with a larger version, at one of the Portland Modern Quilt Guild Charity Sew days.  This was a fun day where I bought a huge box of blue scraps, a smattering of white and grey scraps and we all made log cabins.

wonky log cabin detail 2

Somewhere in the process a touch of orange was added, at the insistence of one of our amazing Guild Members Juline,  and viola you have magic.

quilt detail

The orange really makes the quilt sing.  All the improv log cabin blocks are trimmed to 12 inches finished and this four by four version of the quilt is headed to Project Linus. The larger version of this quilt (six by seven blocks) is currently out with one of our talented long-armers.

wonky log cabin quilt

When pulling blocks for this smaller version of the quilt I made sure to get some great novelty prints in the mix.

fussy cut fun

This was such a fun and easy project to do with the group, as once again there is no right or wrong, just playing with colour.   The quilt is backed with a darling Laura Ashley fabric that seemed appropriate and bound with some navy batik fabric which was kindly donated to the Guild by Hoffman fabrics.

quilt back

Thanksgiving does seem like the perfect time to share some of the amazing quilts that our Guild has made to help our community.  I am so very thankful to everyone who helps out with this program.


18 thoughts on “On a mission…

  1. Such a beautiful quilt for a great cause. I really need to get off my bottom and join the guild! I live 50+ miles away unfortunately, but that’s not going to stop me! 😁

  2. I love it and can’t wait to see the bigger one! I understand the clearing out the guest room thing. I learned we were having company a few weeks in advance and the fiber and fabric began to fly.

  3. It’s a nice balance of blues, very calming. I like the greys, darker blues and splash of orange. I’m quite envious you have a spare room. My quilting stuff is either in my room or in a corner in my kitchen/dining which is a pain as I am always packing it up and putting it away. And I’m fighting for space on our table with the kids. It would be great to have a group to go to and work on quilts together. I live in small town and while it has a quilt shop, the closest quilt group is hundreds of km away.

  4. I’d sure like to try this sometime – and I’ll have to remember to put in a speck of complimentary colour – does that ever jack it up ! Brilliant ! I’m so glad to read that you are feeling better. Thanks for continuing with the paper piecing blocks

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